Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea

A MAN was charged with producing pornography and threatening his former girlfriend by the Preah Sihanouk Provincial Court on Saturday, after he allegedly took nude photographs of her and threatened to post them on the Internet, police said yesterday.
Provincial police said Ngen Kumpheak, 26, was charged following a complaint from the parents of his former girlfriend, with whom he had been secretly involved.
Yi Sokha, director of the province’s anti-human trafficking and juvenile protection unit, said the man had taken the photos and threatened his 21-year-old former girlfriend in an attempt to prevent her from getting engaged to another man.
Yi Sokha said that Ngen Kumpheak had asked the woman to meet in a guesthouse for one last encounter on November 17, promising to return a platinum necklace that belonged to her at the same time. When she arrived in the room he forced her to undress, then took photographs of her and told her he would upload them on the Internet if she got engaged to another man.
The two were distant relatives, the officer said. Their secret affair became known to the family when the woman’s parents found nude pictures of their daughter posted on her wardrobe, after Ngen Kumpheak had paid them a visit, police said.
“Following a complaint from the victim’s family, police detained the suspect on [Friday] for questioning. He confessed to the allegations,” Yi Sokha added.

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