Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea

A corruption trial against Prime Minister Hun Sen’s cousin Dy Proem, who is alleged to have paid a US$200,000 bribe to sway favour in a Phnom Penh land dispute, began yesterday.

Presiding Judge Duch Kimsorn said yesterday only new evidence would be examined in the court’s retrial of Dy Proem who allegedly bribed an official to issue a fake March 18 Council of Ministers statement awarding disputed land to him in Dangkor district’s Kakab Commune.

“This is the second time as the court has conducted the trial for Mr. Seng Yean and Dy Proem over the allegation of corruption,” he said.

The man who allegedly received the bribe, former deputy general director of the Inspection Department at the Ministry of National Assembly-Senate Relation and Inspection, has also been charged over the allegations.

The charges followed a complaint from widow and Phnom Penh landowner Houth Sarom, who claims that unlike 120 other families, she never sold her land to Dy Proem.

Long Narin, lawyer for Ministry of National Assembly, Senate Relation and Inspection, said there was documented proof the pair were guilty.

Neither of the accused pair could be reached for comment yesterday.

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