Monday, November 28, 2011

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea

POLICE will investigate a mother’s claim that one of its officers tortured her 9-year-old son in Phnom Penh, an official said yesterday.

Chan Sahouth, Deputy Chief of Russey Keo District Police, said a woman had accused a police officer at the Chraing Chamresh II Commune Police of beating the boy while interrogating him over an alleged steel theft in Russey Keo District on Sunday.

“He has accused and arrested a young boy over the stealing of steel from a construction company in Borey Rity Apartment in Tuol Sangke Commune. [The officer] was accused of torturing him during an interrogation,” Chan Sahouth told the Post.

“If he has really committed this as accused, [he has] violated juvenile rights and the law. He will be arrested or punished by the law, despite [being] a policeman.”

The victim’s mother said a security guard had detained her son and handed him over to the police after the boy had searched for steel with a group of boys inside a building construction site in Borey Rithy Apartment in Tuol Sangke Commune, Russey District.

“[The police officer] has accused my son of stealing steel. He has beaten and slapped my son’s head many times for questioning. His activities were very cruel. I could not accept it,” she said.

Chan Sahouth said commune police would investigate, although they had not yet received a complaint from the victim’s family.

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