Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Twelve charged with drug offences

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea
Twelve men were charged with drug trafficking and drug abuse offences on Sunday after being arrested during a raid on a house in Siem Reap town on Friday, police officials said yesterday.
Siem Reap provincial police chief Sorth Dina said yesterday that the men were purchasing and using drugs when they were arrested at around 10pm on Friday at a house in Angkor Thom commune’s Anhchranh village.
“They are drug abusers and drug traffickers,” he said, adding that police had confiscated two kilograms of marijuana, two packages of yama tablets, and other drug-related materials following the raid.
“They had been involved in and committed drug abuses and drug trafficking in Siem Reap.”
Sorth Dina said that over 80 people had been arrested and charged with drug abuse and drug trafficking in Siem Reap province since early April and over 200 people were currently under investigation for drug offences.
“We are still working hard to follow and investigate them,” he said.
“We hope that due to hard work and good cooperation from relevant authorities as well as people, we will able to arrest them soon.”

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