Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Enhancing Financial Services Industry with ICT Applications


The International Data Group (IDG ASEAN) in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Finance will organize the International Conference on “Enhancing Financial Services Industry with ICT Application” on September 29-30, 2010 at the Diamond Island Convention Center in Phnom Penh.

Le Thanh Tam, CEO of IDG ASEAN, Founder and Chairman of CEO & CIO Club, said that it marks the second time as IDG will organize this international conference in Phnom Penh, the Kingdom of Wonder.

“We are proud and this is the second time as we are going to organize this international conference on ‘Enhancing Financial Services Industry with ICT Application’ in Cambodia. The purpose of the event is to introduce ICT solutions for modernizing financial sector system by optimizing technology infrastructure to completing professional process, which dedicates to provide the best financial services to enterprises and citizens,” he said during a press conference on September 17th in Phnom Penh.

The Chairman continued to say that the conference will bring together experts from finance sector such securities market, insurance sector, fund management companies, and other financial institutions to present and share their knowledge and experience in the areas of expertise. In addition, there are specialists from IT sector including BI solution from finance services, EA solutions for financial sector, forecasting statistics, ICT platform such as storage, networking security, and data center for financial sector.

He added that during the conference, there is also platform for bringing advice in building strategies, sharing implementing cases studies in foreign countries in order to seek for the most suitable strategy for Cambodia.

“During the two-day conference, many beneficial and interesting keynotes will be presented by our invited local and international experts from management levels. Particularly, we have a superb opportunity to hear a presentations by Cambodian economic expert on ‘financial sector development strategy 2006-2015’ and foreign economic experts on ‘Global Risk, Cambodia Response’,” he said.

“More keynotes are going to be discussed in the main sector of global perspectives on IT implementation in financial industry especially for the panel discussion in the topic of ‘ICT Capital Investments and Securities Market’ and the ‘Development of Securities Market and Insurance,” he added.

He added that other keynotes and sessions will be presented and contributed by leading experts from first Cambodia as main sponsor, FPT Information System as Banquet sponsor, Indra as silver sponsor, SAP, Hitachi Data systems, StrendMicro, SI Computer Technology, SS Solution, EIKI, General Insurance Association of Cambodia, and many others. Besides this, there are also exhibitions which show the non-bank finance institutions as well as potential IT and Communication companies both domestic and foreign.

Ros Seilava, Deputy General Secretary in the Ministry of Economy and Finance, said that the overall economic performance of Cambodia has been characterized by major contributions from several main sectors in the economy including agriculture, manufacturing, construction, tourism, and services.

Ros Seilava stated that despite the global downturn, the Cambodian economy remains in a good shape underpinned by a continued increase in investment in agriculture, broad base development of non-agriculture sector, political stability, and active private sector participation as well as the Government’s efforts on economic reforms and growth.

He added that besides this, the innovation and modernization of financial sector have also been playing a crucial role in the integration and economic development of the country. //

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