Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CRC Marks the 5th Extraordinary General Assembly


His Majesty the King Preah Karuna Preah Bat Samdech Preah Boromneath Norodom Sihamoni, King of the Kingdom of Cambodia, has praised the excellent work of the Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) under the highest wisdom leadership from Lok Chum Teav Dr. Bun Rany Hun Sen, President of CRC.

The King said that the Cambodian Red Cross under the wisdom leadership of Lok Chum Teav Dr. Bun Rany Hun Sen has been working very hard in providing its humanitarian work and assistances for rescuing and helping victims and the poor people in Cambodia. The King added that CRC’s hard work were also recognized and supported by the whole Cambodian society as well as both national and international donors inside and outside the country.

“I wish to congratulate the great success that CRC has been done and achieved so far and I also wish to praise all CRC’s leaders who cooperated, working hard and leading all members of CRC to join hands, cooperate and voluntarily work in helping and rescuing the poor in all positions in every place including cities and provinces across the Kingdom of Cambodia,” the King said during closing remarks at the 5th Cambodian Red Cross Cambodia’s Extraordinary General Assembly on the 4th of August at the Chaktomuk Theatre in Phnom Penh.

The King pointed out that the CRC’s hard work has reflected on the cleaver leadership, talents and high responsibility of Dr. Bun Rany Hun Sen in leading and carrying out her duty with energy to help her own people in Cambodia.

To support the value and humanitarian work of the CRC, the King has donated US$ 5,000 for Cambodian Red Cross for continuing its hard work and duties to help the victims and poor in Cambodia.

“I would like to praise and strongly thank the President Dr. Bun Rany Hun Sen who led the Cambodian Red Cross and brought the successes and prestige for both national and international stages in helping the victims and the poor in the country,” the King noted.

During this event, the King’s Father Samdech Norodom Sihanouk, and Queen Mother Monineath Sihanouk, contributed their own money of US$ 15,000 to the Cambodian Red Cross for helping with their activities. The donation was handed over by the King Norodom Sihamoni.

Lok Chum Teav Dr. Bun Rany Hun Sen said that since the 4th CRC’s General Assembly was established in 2006, the CRC’s positioning structures has been strengthened and enlarged and the CRC’s works has been reintegrated into all levels of the base-authorities throughout the country.

She continued to say that due to the CRC’s structural strengthening, the Cambodian Red Cross has recently established and increased 183 branches in districts and Khans and is now establishing its branch offices to other commune levels in all cities and province.

According to a CRC’s statistic report, there are 150,000 members in 2006 which increased up to over 220,000 members in 2010; the volunteer increased 5,827 people in 2006 to 11,683 in 2010; and the Cambodia’s Youth Red Cross members increased 6,362 in 2006 to 14,676 in 2010.

A total of 113,745 Cambodian victims were rescued and received the emergent humanitarian supports from Cambodian Red Cross in the 4th mandate CRC from 2006 to 2010 in Cambodia, according to Lok Chum Teav Dr. Bun Rany Hun Sen.

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