Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CAMEMIS Initial Introduction to Cambodia’s Schools Management


CAMEMIS, which is a free web-based software application for educational establishments to manage student data, was firstly introduced to Cambodian teachers and Information Technology (IT) experts for use in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The first introduction of the CAMEMIS was conducted and presented by Mr. Kaom Vibolrith, CAMEMIS Author, and a Cambodian-German nationality, with over 100 participations who are school teachers, education officers and IT experts from about 50 different state universities and colleges and private universities and institutions in Phnom Penh.

Kaom Vibolrith, CAMEMIS Author and Presenter, said that the event marked the first time as he has organized the workshop on CAMEMIS-Free Education Management Information System for school teachers and people in Cambodia. He added that the main purpose of the workshop was to introduce his CAMEMIS finding of new technology for people and the use in Cambodia.

CAMEMIS is an Education management information systems which provides capabilities for entering student test and other assessment scores through an electronic grade book, building student schedules, tracking student attendance and managing many other data needed in a school or college (staff management, academic management, etc) especially parent involvement with school.

Vibolrith said that he has spent over two year to design and create this CAMEMIS software and program.

“In developed countries, School administrator uses commercial software to manage education information system. This is includes Student, Teacher, Instructor and School management. Due to the cost of commercial software, schools in less/ developing countries are not affordable to use this commercial software,” he told The Southeast Asia Weekly during an interview on August 12th.

He added that the CAMEMIS is created to lower the cost of using education software in less/ developing countries with local support, maintenance and training especially it’s supported local language in each country.

Mr. Kaom Vibolrith has worked for more than 10 years in software development for many German companies before founding Vikensoft Company. He had participated in many projects such as Content Management System (Internet Portal Wiesbaden State in Germany), E-Learning Platform (Webcom Teach 3.11), Restaurant Community Platform (BarWatch), Hotel Management (FairSales, FairChain), Supplier Relationship Management on Demand (Futura Sourcing).

Mr. Rapid Sun, Director of CAMEMIS for Cambodia, said that CAMEMIS was authored by Mr. Kaom Vibolrith and co-authored by Mr. Stephen Hahn in Germany.

The Director Rapid Sun continued to say that CAMEMIS is a trademark of Vikensoft Company in Germany. It has been registered for copy right internationally. Vikensoft is newly established in 2010. Mr. Kaom Vibolrith is Chairman of the company. He added that CAMEMIS is a free education management information system. Private and Public schools are encouraged to use CAMEMIS with free of charge.

“We will charge only for maintenance, support and training with low cost compared to other commercial product and open source software. This charge is only for private schools. For public schools, we are planning to cooperate with Ministry of Education, Government Agencies/ Associations responsible for education or donor agencies to support these public schools,” he told The Southeast Asia Weekly during an email interview on August 13th.

He added that CAMEMIS currently is also available in five languages including Khmer, Vietnamese, Thai, German, French and Indonesian. It is now available for use in the Kingdom of Cambodia.


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