Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cambodia Selects Winners for the Universal Khmer Songs Festival 2010


The Universal Khmer Songs Festival 2010 which was begun from the 3rd of July 2010 and aimed to select the best Khmer traditional music and pop singers 2010 in Cambodia was ended on 23rd July in Phnom Penh. The award presentation and closing ceremony of the Universal Khmer Songs Festival 2010 was presided over by H.E. Men Sam On, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia at the Diamond Island in Phnom Penh.

The Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam On said that traditional and pop music are the souls and cell of culture which has potential roles in contributing to the promotion of social cells and developments in the country.

“The artists are the engineers of souls and spirit and with this vision, we can determine that music and songs have important roles and advantages contributing to the education of peoples’ minds and national spirits in serving both peoples’ pleasures and the disseminating of social education, knowledge, culture, traditions, and human resources towards sustainable developments in the country,” she said during her closing remarks at the Khmer Songs Festival 2010.

She stated that the Royal Government of Cambodia under the wisdom leadership of Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen has not only paid its attention on promotion of health through generating jobs for people but also paid attention on the conservation and development of national culture, traditions, social morality, social development and economic development growth in the country.

This festival is not only to promote the movement of universal Khmer singers selection but also is an opportunity for showing the talents and new cultural products of music sector to serve all people, publics and social economy development contributing to the implementation of Cambodia under the slogan “Cambodia, the Kingdom of Culture” and “Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder”, she noted.

H.E. Him Chhem, Minister of Culture and Fine Arts, said that there were a total of 96 singers from 24 cities and provinces across the country and abroad have attended the “Universal Khmer Songs Festival 2010” in Phnom Penh. The Festival was opened for all Cambodian people both those who lived inside and outside the country.

The “Universal Khmer Songs Festival 2010” was jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts in collaboration with the Office of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, Ministry of Tourism, the General Decorate of the Bayon Radio and Television, and supported by Canadiana Bank Plc which is the main partner who has provided the financial support for the preparation and management of the festival process.

The Minister said that the competition was divided into two subjects and two groups including Khmer traditional song competitions and pop song competition, and male singers and female singers groups. He added that as result, a total of 20 singers have won the Khmer traditional and pop music competition of the “Universal Khmer Songs Festival 2010”.

Pich Tum Kravel, Technical Committee of the “Universal Khmer Songs Festivals 2010”, said that those who won the first place (both Khmer traditional and pop music) of the competition received one trophy, along with 6 million Riels prize; the second place (both Khmer traditional and pop music) received one trophy with 4 million Riels prize; third place received one trophy with 3 million riel; the friendship award received 1 million riel; and the complementary award is 500,000 riel for only apply of the contestant involves in the final round.

Than Samuth Sithon, 31, from France, is one of 96 singers who attended the “Universal Khmer Song Festival 2010” in Phnom Penh. Than Samuth Sithon has won the first place of the Khmer Song Festival. He was pleased with his wining of the Songs Festival 2010.

“This is the first time for my life and I am very happy and honored that I have won the first class of the Universal Khmer Songs Festival 2010 in Cambodia. I think that I will continue my singing career until I am retired,” he told The Southeast Asia Weekly.

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