Sunday, January 25, 2009

Colgate provides free tooth and mouth checkups


The Colgate Palmolive Company, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Cambodian Dental Association (CDA) will provide free dental checkups according to Cheam Heng, General Manager of CP & A Training International Co., LTD, the key Colgate importer in Cambodia.

Heng said that the dental checkups were organized and financially supported by Colgate Palmolive, the Cambodia Ministry of Health and the CDA.

The General Manager said the checkups will be conducted from the 1st to 28th February 2009 in Phnom Penh and other cities and provinces across the country. He said that according to the company’s plan, over one million Cambodian people will be getting free checkups.

“It is the first time that Colgate has provided free checkups for the people in Cambodia,” he said. “The purpose of the checkup is to teach our people on how to take-care of their teeth and to promote overall health.” he told the Cambodia Weekly on January 23.

Heng Chan Sophal, Chief of Sales and Marketing and Supervisor for Colgate Palmolive, said that Colgate plans to spend about US$30,000 in this activity.

According to the schedule, the first phase will take place on February 1in Kampong Cham, Tratie, and Stung Treng provinces. The operation will then move to Kampong Thom and beyond until the end of operation. He said that checkups take place at over 50 dental clinics in 24 cities and provinces in Cambodia.

He continued to say that those who come to get the tooth and mouth checkups at the dental clinic will receive tooth paste and one toothbrush, free of charge.

“Our main target groups are the people living in rural areas and distant provinces. To reach theses groups, the company will prepare vans or motorcycles for transportation,” he said. “We will work very hard to cover all the areas.”

Sophal pointed out that from 2007 to 2008, in collaboration with Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS), Colgate Palmolive also conducted free tooth and mouth checkups for students in 50 primary schools in Cambodia.

He said the company will continue to cooperate with MoEYS to provide more free checkups for students in other Cambodian schools.

“We hope that people living in rural areas and distant provinces will pay more attention to dental hygiene.” he told the Cambodia Weekly.

Now there is over 100 sales staff in the company, according to Sophal. He also said that over the past ten years, Colgate had become the leading provider of oral care in Cambodia, with 45 percent plus growth in 2008 and a forty percent share in the market.

He said that part of Colgate’s success was down to the introduction of many new and innovative products to the Cambodian market and an integrated marketing strategy.

He added that this enviable position in the market would not have been possible without the support and cooperation from Cambodian partners including CP & A Training International Co., LTD and the other 11 distributors over Cambodia.

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