Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BAC Disseminates “Awareness of New Criminal Code” for Lawyers


The Bar Association of Cambodia (BAC) has conducted a workshop on the “Awareness of theCriminal Code” for three days from the 2nd to the 4th of August for Cambodian lawyers. About 100 layers have attended the workshop to learn about the new criminal codes.

Chiv Song Hak, President of the Bar Association of Cambodia, said that the purpose of the workshop was to disseminate the new criminal code which was prepared and made by the Royal Government of Cambodia under the financial support of French Cooperation since 1998.

The workshop aimed to contribute to the building and the development of Cambodia based on the social justice sector especially contributing to the law and justice reform in Cambodia so that Cambodia can achieve the correct state of law in the future.

President Song Hak emphasized that there are six key chapters and 672 articles in the New Criminal Code. The New Criminal Code was prepared and made by the Royal Government of Cambodia with financial support from French cooperation and with participation of Cambodian judges, prosecutors and experienced law professionals.

He added that the New Criminal Code was completed in 2008 and was passed by the National Assembly of Cambodia on the 30th of November 2009.

“The New Criminal Code is a complex criminal procedure and it is an effective tool for lawyers and the court officers to do in ensuring, protecting and maintaining the safety, security and public orders for people in country,” he said during his opening remarks at the Workshop on “Awareness of New Criminal Code” on August 2nd.

Therefore, he said that they have to learn and know this criminal code so that they can implement their works smoothly and successfully.

“I would like to praise the Royal Government of Cambodia that has prepared this important criminal code which is the main law procedures and efficient tool of the criminal court in protecting and maintaining safety, security and public order in our country,” he added.

He added that to increase Cambodian lawyers’ capacity, their working professional skills, the Bar Association will continue to conduct more training on the criminal code, civil code, civil procedural code, and other important law issues for Cambodian lawyers in the future.

According to the Bar Association of Cambodia, currently there are about 1,000 lawyers including the lawyers who are fulfilled in their careers, the lawyers who are not fulfilled and those who are out of lists in Cambodia.

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