Sunday, August 1, 2010

ACLEDA Bank Launched “Unity” Program for People


ACLEDA Bank has launched its new Unity’s mobile phone banking service for people in Cambodia. The official launching ceremony was made by Mr. In Channy, President and CEO of ACLEDA Bank Plc with the participations of banks operators, government officials and bank service users at the Intercontinental Hotel in Phnom Penh on July 16th.

Mr. In Channy said that it marked the first time ACLEDA has launched the ACLEDA Unity for serving its customers and people in the Kingdom of Cambodia. He added that the purpose of the Unity program is to offer access to financial services to the whole community as well as to respond to the need of its clients and contributing to the progress and development in Cambodia.

“ACLEDA Bank is pleased and honored to announce the official releases to the general public of our new service that ‘ACLEDA Unity’ the mobile phone banking service that you have asked for. Unity communicates in both Khmer and English and handles transactions in Khmer riel, U.S dollars and Thai Baht, with other currencies to follow. Whilst we are always pleased to see you at our counters we know that it is not always convenient for you. Unity is the result of suggestions we have received from our customers. It is, in a very real sense, your ‘Unity’,” he said during his opening speech.

Channy noted that as written in its vision, ACELEDA Bank wants to be Cambodia’s leading commercial bank providing superior financial services to all segments of the community. And its vision is to provide all people with the opportunity to manage their financial resources efficiently. He said in line with its vision and mission, ACELEDA Bank is continuing to expand across the country to be close to all people.
Currently, ACLEDA Bank has 233 branches and offices in Cambodia, and 15 branches and offices in Lao PDR.

“ACELDA Bank knows for sure that we can grow today and continue the growth because of you all helping us, you never hesitate to let us know the level of your satisfaction, and what you need from us to better serve you, and we always listen well, and try to find the best solution for you,” he said.

He emphasized that to meet people’s demand, ACLEDA Bank Plc has fielded more than 600 PoSs and 102 ATMs across the country so that they can access to their accounts at all times. Having chosen as its motto “the Bank You Can Trust” ACLEDA continually strives to meet these high expectations.

“Our latest solution ‘Unity’ is a virtual ‘bank in your pocket’. It is named ‘Unity’ because it unites a whole selection of financial services under one umbrella that simplifies day-to-day banking through mobile phones anywhere in the country,” he said. “It works with all mobile phone networks and a very wide range of mobile handsets. For those of you who have global roaming it will even work throughout the work. It provides the safety and security of keeping your assets in a real bank account while giving you the convenience of access to your save your time, any day, anywhere,” he added.

He emphasized that in addition to providing service for 24 hours a week, ‘Unity’ provided with high-level multilayer security features. It gives people the choice of using text messages (SMS), Mobile Brower/WAP or dedicate downloadable application interface, according to which best suits their needs. They can view their accounts balance, obtain a mini-statement, transfer between their accounts, make payments to people, make bill payments (pay their utility bills and other accounts) and top-up their mobile phones.

“As a ast-growing bank in a rapidly developing economy, we are looking for a complete integrated mobile banking and payment solution. We want to make sure that our mobile services are universally available, are safe to use and deliver the dependability and reliability that ACELDA is known for. Our ‘bank in your account’ leapfrogs over traditional delivery channels to provide you with the latest banking technology,” he said.

According to In Channy, ACLEDA Bank currently is the Cambodian leading bank with the largest branches and offices network. It’s over 17 year presence in domestic financial services. As at the end of June 2010, the value of the loan portfolio has reached US$ 615 million with 258,064 borrowing customers. The total savings and deposits was US$ 793 million with 670,383 accounts. Its total assets have exceeded US$ 1 billion and employed 7,105 staffs.

The Bank offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels. ACLEDA is a leading player in the retail banking market and services its large customer base through a network of 233 offices. With 102 ATMs serve 24/7 and 24 hours call center to ensure that customers have access to its services at all times. With Pictures.

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