Friday, July 2, 2010

“The Young Sopranos” Performed in a concert in Phnom Penh


Mrs. Soprano KIM Myungsil, a veteran and experienced Korean music teacher has organized a Concert “The Young Sopranos” on June 25th. The Concert was performed at the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) in Phnom Penh in order to show about young soprano singers in Cambodia.
Teacher Myungsil received a diploma in vocal studies from Verdi Conservatory in Italy. She graduated from Reggio Calabria Academy (Italy). She won prizes at the Torino competition and performed as a soloist in several concerts in Bolzano, Trento, Milano, and Monza. Her repertoire includes Mozart, Donizetti, Bellini, Rossini’s opera and special opera buffa. Joining her husband, she has been living for over two years in Cambodia and she established Cantabile, a group of professional vocalists in Phnom Penh.
The Concert was performed by a 13-year-old Cambodian girl Bosba Panh, Miss OH Dabeen, 16 years old, Korea and LEE Seul, 21, Korea. The three young sopranos singing Italian opera and Khmer classics. There were also Italian songs and music, sang by Miss Han Saem Ee who is an experienced Korean singer; the Piano Accompanist Mrs. Ahn Hye Kyoung; and Mrs. Kim Da Hyun, a guest musician who lived in Cambodia.

Mrs. KIM Myungsil, Korean Music teacher and Organizer of the Concert “The Young Soprano”, said that it marks the first as she has prepared and organized this joint soprano concert in Cambodia.

“I am very pleased to organize the young soprano concert. The main purpose of the joint Cambodian and Korean soprano concert is to show about the great potential of Cambodian and Korean young singers, while they are young but they are really capable and have beautiful sounds in Cambodia. I hope that this will be a fascinating night with the young and beautiful sounds. May colors of the music culture shine new and bright in Cambodia,” she told The Southeast Asia Weekly during an interview.

She added that the three young soprano singers are her music students and they have been trained in Italian opera and Khmer classics for many months in Phnom Penh.

Relating to the entry, she said that the ticket is 10,000 riel (about $ 2.5) for one person. She added that at least 400 people have participated in her concert in Phnom Penh.

Bosba Panh, is a Khmer soprano. She has also attended the Concert “Young Soprano”. She was honored and happy to sing Italian opera and Khmer classics with Korean singers.

“This is my first time and I am happy to attend the young soprano concert organized by KIM Myungsil. I think that this concert will help improve my music and singing in the future,” she told The Southeast Asia Weekly.

Bosba Panh has been performing since the age of 8. Her latest concert, Our Mothers, took place in October 2009 at the Chaktomuk Hall and drawing double the capacity of the theater. She already released three CD albums, five single albums and two DVDs. She sings “Phleng Cheewit” or songs for life from Cambodia and an international repertoire. She plays piano, guitar and violin and has been trained by Khmer and international teachers from China, the Philippines and Japan.

Bosba Panh has been coached by Korean soprano Kim Myungsil for the past year to learn western classical music techniques. She is a student at the French Lycee Rene Descartes of Phnom Penh and has two brothers who are also artists.
Oh Dabeen, is 16 years old and she has received vocal lessons from soprano Kim Myungsil since 2006. She is a ninth grader at the French Lycee Rene Descartes of Phnom Penh. She is preparing herself to enter one of a best high school in Paris and to continue to study music at the Conservatoire de Paris.
Lee Seul, is 21 years old and has been studying music and singing for several years. She has been coached by soprano Kim Myungsil since early this year to prepare for music competitions. This October, she will enter the Conservatory of Music in Italy.

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