Friday, July 2, 2010

SBJ-Company Opening, “Than Tai Gold Bullion Boom”


The Sacombank Jewelry (SBJ)-Cambodian Company which is the only Vietnamese Jewelry and Bank Branch office in Phnom Penh has launched the “Than Tai Gold Bullion” circulation on 24th June 2010 in Phnom Penh to boom its gold and silver business and products in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The official opening and launching ceremony was presented by Mr. Dang Van Thanh, Chairman Sacombank-SBJ Group/Vietnam, Mr. To Thanh Hoang, Chairman Sacombank-SBJ; Mr. Hoang Long Hoi, Chairman Sacombank-SBJ Cambodia; Mr. Pham Anh Tai, General Manager of the Sacombank-SBJ Cambodia Company; and H.E. Mok Sothearih, Cambodian government representative and personal advisor to the National Assembly President Samdech Heng Samrin.

Mr. Dang Van Thanh, Chairman Sacombank-SBJ Group/Vietnam, said that it marked the first time as the Vietnamese Sacombank-SBJ Group has established its business branch, SBJ-Cambodia Company, and to officially launch the Than Tai Gold Bullion in Cambodia. He added that the purpose of the event was to introduce about the Vietnamese company and its gold and silver products which are the best products by SBJ-Cambodia Company for people in Cambodia.

“We are very pleased to establish the SBJ-Cambodia company and to officially launch Than Tai Gold Bullion in Cambodia, and we hope that with the establishment of our branch company and gold products, SBJ-Cambodia Company will provide all products and services on the gold and silver such as buying, selling the Than Tai Bullion, classify gold, classify metal and gold processing, gold buying and other raw materials for people in Cambodia,” he told reporters at a press conference before starting the launching ceremony of the Than Tai Gold Bullion.

Mr. Dang Van Thanh pointed out that in economic history, gold has the special commodity that takes an important role in the economy and has always be considered as stockpile of individuals, families, organizations and a source of national reserve. The fluctuation of the gold market in recent years has attracted the attention of the general public, investors, organizations and financial institutions in Vietnam as well as other countries in the world.

He added that facing such a context, Sacombanck Group-one of the leading financial groups has forecast Vietnam’s gold market potential in Vietnam is still very large. And on 28th November 2008, the Sacombank Group (Sacombank-SBJ), member unit of the group was born and factoring business activities in all products and services in the history of jewelry.

Mr. Hoang Long Hoi, Chairman SBJ-Cambodia Company, said that SBJ-Cambodia was established in 2008 in Cambodia with a total of US$ 3 million of capital. He stated that with ambitions to become one of the Vietnam leaders in Jewelry and international expanding-SBJ are constantly developing the network activities.

“In the company’s strategic development, leadership Sacombank-SBJ Cambodia has realized Cambodia that the potential market, with plentiful miming of gold,” he said. “That’s why Sacombank-SBJ Cambodia chooses Cambodia such a first subsidiary to open the SBJ-Cambodia Company,” he said.

Mr. Hoang stated that through nearly half the year striving, determination to exceed many difficulties both objective and subjectivity since the State bank has accepted to set up with $US 3,000,000 initial capital on June 24th, 2010, company SBJ Jewelry Cambodia was officially opened with the witness of Cambodia state bank representative, government agencies, Sacombank leader board and the press and communication units.

Along with the opening, SBJ-Cambodia also officially launched the Than Tai Gold Bullion Trademark (SBJ), and the Gold Bullion products with Than Tai symbol look forward to bringing our customers wealth and prosperity, he said, adding that the Than Tai Gold Bullion is produced from raw materials gold 999.9 with the most Italian and German modern technology and mechanical systems, advanced equipment, to provide stable quality, sophisticated design, and have a nice look.

He emphasized that according to market research results show that the gold bullion product is rather strange Cambodian gold market by local people do not know the utility that this product offers. He added that that Than Tai Gold Bullion (SBJ) is made from pure gold 999.9 (fine Gold) with a variety of weight 1 teal, 5 maces, 2 maces and particular type 0.5 mace (subs) very convenient for storage, scale-purchase or gift. This can be considered as a breakthrough step of SBJ-Cambodia to dominate a new market segment with a lot of potential.

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