Friday, July 2, 2010

Nationwide Sport Students Tournament held in Phnom Penh


The Nationwide Secondary and Higher Education Sport Students Competition 2010 has begun and will last for three weeks from the 19th of June to July 1stat the National Sport Complex in Phnom Penh. A total of 1,053 students including 167 female students from 30 different state and private universities, high schools, institutions and NGO schools from cities and provinces across the nation have attended the event.

The Sport Students competition was organized by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, aiming to select the best sports players at student level in 2010 in Cambodia.

Prum Bunyee, Chief of the Sport Students Tournament Organizing Committee, said that there are a total of four sport choices for this year’s sport student’s competition. The four sports include football; basketball; volleyball and athletes.

“The Ministry of Education Youth and Sport is proud to organize the competition in Phnom Penh this year,” he said. “The purpose of the competition is to select the best players of 2010 and to promote playing sports in Cambodia,” he added.

The competition has divided into six categories in which there are football competition (24 groups); male basketball competition (9 groups); female basketball competition (5 groups); male volleyball competition (4 groups), female volleyball (3 groups); and athletes competition (24 groups), according to Prum Bunyee.

There are different awards and prizes for winners and those who receive the second place and the third place of the competition. The awards and prizes are prepared and provided by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport.

Bun Sok, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, said that the competition will help promote and improve students’ health as well as strengthen solidarity and friendship among the student who were from different universities and schools and participated in this competition. He stated that the competition will also provide the chance for all participants to learn from each other and exchange their techniques and playing skills to improve their playing quality in the future.

“Through competition, I would like to appeal to have a strong solidarity and cooperation among our students in various schools, universities, and institutions across the country so that we can upgrade our sports status in the future,” he said.

He continued to say that so far, MoEYS has always paid more attention on secondary and higher education sport student competition aiming to develop and promote the sport students in the Kingdom of Cambodia. He added that to promote the sport students, the ministry will continue to organize the competition of sport students every year in Cambodia in the future.

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