Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CABA Organizes International Kick-Boxing Tournament


The Cambodian Amateur Boxing Association (CABA) in cooperation with the Bayon Television and Radio Station has scheduled to organize the “Cambodian-French International Kbach Kun Boran Khmer Championship” on the 11th of July.

Twelve selected boxers including six Cambodian boxers including one female fighter and other five French boxers including one female will compete on Sunday July 11th, 2010 at the Bayon Television and Radio Station’s boxing arena in Phnom Penh in order to compete and to become the Bayon Television Boxing Championship.

The participated international fighters included: Oth Phouthorng, weighs 67 kilograms from RCAF’s Boxing Association competing with Abotsi Jerome, 67 kilogram, from France; Yuk Yeakil, 69 kilograms, from Poi Pet Boxing Club, competes with Khdoja Adil, 69 kilograms, from France; Chan Ratana, 69 kilograms, from Khmerak Cla Hors (Fly Tiger) Boxing Association competes with Chaige Ludovie, 69 kilograms, from France; Miss Ny Samnang from Ponleu Samaky Khet Boxing Club in Battambang, competes with Chaline Margeaux from France; Prek Borin from Niroth Meanchey Boxing Club competes with Gref Adrien from France; and Phon Phanna from Koh Kong’s Boxing Association competes with French boxer Denis Brian.

General Taem Moeurn, President of the Cambodian Amateur Boxing Association, said that it marked the first time as CABA and Bayon Television Station will organize the “Cambodian-French International Kbach Kun Khmer Championship” in Phnom Penh.

The purpose of the international boxing is to exchange experience fighting between Cambodian and French fighters in order to promote and preserve the Khmer traditional boxing “Kbach Kun Boran Khmer” for the next generations in Cambodia and in the world. The event also aimed to spread out “Kbach Kun Boran Khmer” to other countries in region as well as in the world in order to show the rich value of Khmer culture, traditions and traditional boxing.

“The Kingdom of Cambodia is the owner of the “Kbach Kun Boran Khmer” and because of the long civil wars we had no chance to develop our ancient Khmer traditional boxers. Thus, I think that through this event we will be able to spread out and promote our Khmer boxing to other countries across the word,” he told reporters at a press conference on July 8th.

He pointed out that currently, due to the progress and the development made by the Royal Government of Cambodia and the CABA’s hard work as well as with strong support from Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS), Kback Kun Boran Khmer has been strongly developing and reserved for the next generations in Cambodia and in the world.

Nowadays Cambodia has many excellent boxers with different types of national boxing champions, and they have experienced and qualified to compete with foreign boxers, he said, adding that so far, many Cambodian boxers won the world title boxing-championships. They are the heavy weight fighter such as E Phouthorng, Vorn Viva, Oth Pouthorng, and Meas Chantha.

He continued to say that to develop and promote Kbach Kun Boran Khmer, CABA will continue to organize more national and international boxing competitions in Cambodia as well as sending Cambodian boxers to attend the competition abroad.

Neang Sivutha, Bayon TV’s Boxing Organizing Program Manager, said that those who will win the international fighting will receive the Bayon TV Boxing Championship, along with valued prizes and money. The Championship and prizes are generously provided by Bayon TV and Radio Station.

Regarding the entry, he said that the ticket is 5,000 riel for both national and foreign people. The ticket is available at the Bayon TV and Radio Station.

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