Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 2010 Petanque Championship


A total of 151 Petanque players including 139 male players and 12 female players from 24 Petanque Clubs and Associations have attended the “Sar Kheng Petanque Championship 2010” tournament on June 27th at the National Stadium in Phnom Penh.

The Petanque competition was organized by the Cambodia Petanque and Sport Boules Federation (CPSBF) and supported by Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng, Minister of Interior; Phnom Penh Governor Kep Chuktema, Anco pure water; FBT Company and CocaCola Company.

H.E. Nuth Sa An, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Interior and Honorary President of CPSBF, said that the event marked the 11th time the Federation has organized this “Sar Kheng Petanque Championship” tournament.

The objective of the competition is to develop and promote the Petanque in Cambodia as well as to prepare for the future Petanque competitions inside and outside Cambodia.

“As you know, Petenque is one of the Cambodia’s potential sports which have brought the gloriously victory and prestige from the world to the Kingdom of Cambodia. Thus, to prepare fore the future Petanque competitions this event will help promote and improve our Petenque players in preparation and attending the competitions in the future,” he said during the awards ceremony.

H.E. Nuth Sa An said that so far, Petanque has received a total of 114 medals including 6 gold medals; 13 silver medals, and other 95 bronze medals from SEA Games and international Petanque competitions. He added the Petanque is paid close attention and strongly supported by the Royal Government of Cambodia including both materialistic and spiritually support.

“On behalf of the Championship owner, I honestly praise all participants and athletes who have attended this competition and for their efforts,” he said. “I would like to encourage our people to enjoy the sport so that they can improve their health as well as to promote the sport in our country,” he added.

Mr. Em Heang, Deputy General Secretary of CPSBF, and Deputy Director of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia, said that Petanque is a French sport and was introduced to Cambodia in French colony during 1950s. He stated that the Petanque currently has become one of the greatest and potential sports which have brought Cambodia’s reputation to the world’s recognition via its competitions and victory.

He added that for the 25th SEA Game competition in Laos in 2009, Petanque had also attended the competition and as result, it gained a total of 10 medals from the competition.

Regarding to the Sar Kheng Petanque tournament, Heang said that a total of 151 Petanque players from 24 clubs and association have attended this year’s Sar Kheng Petanque tournament. He emphasized that the competition has divided into 8 poles and 2 categories including male competition (36 teams) and female competitions (12 teams).

He added that as result, the Royal Cambodia Armed Forces’ (RCAF) Petanque team won the champion of the Sar Kheng Petanque Championship 2010 with US$ 400 prize while the Ministry of Interior’s club took the second place with US$ 250 prize and the Special Military Region’s team took the third place of the competition and 150 of award.

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