Friday, June 25, 2010

Garment Sector Remains strong to Provide Jobs for Cambodians


The garment industry still remains a strong sector which provides jobs for Cambodians and to contribute for social development and economic growths in Cambodia. The affirmation was made by H.E. Mao Thora, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Commerce.

Although there was a global economic crisis, Cambodia’s garment sector remained strong in terms of providing jobs for the people in Cambodia, he said, adding that the garment sector is one of the four pillars which are the main potential sectors in providing and generating jobs for Cambodians to work for social development and economic growth in Cambodia.

H.E. Thora added that the four potential pillars included garment, agriculture, tourism and construction.

“Current years, despite the global economic crisis, the garment sector still remains a strong sector in providing a lot of employment to the people in Cambodia. It has also contributed to the developments and economic growth in Cambodia,” he told The Southeast Asia Weekly during a telephone interview.

To generate jobs for Cambodians as well as to increase economic growth and reduce the poverty in Cambodia, the government continues to encourage and promote the establishment of the small entrepreneurs and local business productions including agricultures, industries, fisheries, and textiles, he said.

“The government will also promote the quality and safety of food and products, maintain products’ price, markets enlargement, and taking action against the illegal products, bureaucracy, corruption, and the fraud of trade marks in Cambodia,” he added.

According to a Ministry of Commerce’s statistic figures in 2010, there are currently 320,734 workers, among them 293,664 women, are working in 269 factories in Cambodia.

The statistics show that the total garment exports to foreign countries in 2009 amounted US$ 2,385 millions, of which US$ 1,486 millions to the United States of America, US$ 577 millions to European markets, US$ 184 millions to Canada and US$ 136 millions to other countries in the world.

The statistic has also showed that Cambodia’s general exports to foreign countries in 2009 were US$ 3,907 millions, and the imports were US$ 5,448 millions.

According to report of the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia, there were 53,097 garment workers who had lost their jobs because of the closure of 122 factories in 2009. The report said there were 58 strikes occurred in 2009 as compared with 105 strikes in 2008, or represented only a decline of 44 percent in the number of strikes. ///

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