Friday, June 25, 2010

Cambodia to Provide 100 Percent for Communes’ for ICT Services


To promote the use of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for all the government institution levels, the Royal Government of Cambodia will enlarge and promote the use of basic and dedicated ICT services in all communes in Cambodia by 2016.

H.E. So Khun, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications (MTPC), said that nowadays, ICT sector has been playing an important role in providing a right directives contributing to the positive growth of Cambodia’s economy and social developments in Cambodia.

The Minister continued to say that to encourage the use of the ICT in Cambodia, the Royal Government will promote the use of ICT services, 100 percent use, for all khans and communes in cities and provinces across the Kingdom of Cambodia by 2016.

“It is expected that by 2016, 100 percent of communes will have basic and dedicated ICT services,” he said in a recent meeting at his Ministry.

The ICTs development has expanded exponentially in line with the Economic Growth of the country, the Government has developed a strategic plan whereby (e-Cambodia) can be accomplished at district level by 2012 providing 90 percent of district basic and dedicated services, he noted.

The Minister stated that nowadays, the telecommunications services in Cambodia are provided such as: Telecoms International Gateway with 4 providers; Voice Services provided by 4 fixed lines and 9 mobile operators; Internet (ISP) Services provided by more then 20 providers, with other services such as: Dial up, Broadband services supplied by wireless, DSL and Gpon Fibre; Leased lines; Leased fibre both domestic and International; Data centers and much more.

The Royal Government of Cambodia has also implemented a strategy for capacity building and digital content for local communities in Education, Agriculture, Commercial and Finance sectors and local Government, he said.

He emphasized that the MPTC strategy to transfer technology skills has been implemented mainly through internet outlets, specialized training providers, PC and Software vendors, SME’s, regional teacher training centers and finally through the community.

“The Royal Government of Cambodia has successfully implemented several other e-programs such as e-program for rural empowerment and community health, and e-program for education for all,” he said.

He stated that to ensure the sustainability of an ICT based, the Royal Government of Cambodia has and will continue to introduce the necessary measurements, frameworks, directives and regulations for it to succeed. He added that the MPTC decided in 2000 that it was time to open up the communications market in Cambodia and since then have licensed several mobile, VoIP and ISP operators to achieve competitive rates for Cambodian people. This initiative has certainly assisted in the commercial growth of Cambodia. ///

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