Friday, June 25, 2010

Bosba Panh Won Gold Medal to Become Judo Champion in 2010


A 13-year-old girl, Bosba Panh, was considered as a Girl of Wonder in Cambodia as she has many skills and interesting work after receiving many successes in her life. She is one of the top teen young girls who has the capacity and she will become the best resource in the future.

Bosba Panh is able to sing wonderful songs, playing piano, guitar, violin and swimming. She was also able to speak four languages such as Khmer, French, English and Chinese. She recently won the gold medal and became a champion of Judo in 2010 in Cambodia.

“I am happy because I won the gold medal to become the Judo champion in 2010 in Cambodia. I think that I won the gold medal and received all my success with my Judo competitions because of my hard work, hard training and patience,” she told The Southeast Asia Weekly.

Bosba Panh was born in 1997 with a Cambodian traditional family and she is the second daughter with two brothers in her family. Her father is a Cambodian and is former famous private film-maker and her mother is a Laotian woman and working as Project Manager, Investment Climate Advisory Services in the Mekong Bank Group in Phnom Penh.

Bosba Panh began training for Judo since she was 6 years old. She said that she decided to train in Judo because she wanted to improve her health as well as to become a Judo champion in Cambodia.

“I started training Judo since I was a child. I decided to train because I wanted to improve my health; to promote the Judo sport and to become a famous Judo champion in Cambodia,” she said. “I am now happy as my dream became reality and I won tournaments and received medals and became the champion of Judo in Cambodia.”

She is currently trained by Chan Chean who is a Cambodian female Judo coach who had a third Dan Black Belt of Judo at the National Stadium in Phnom Penh. She receives a dark red belt of Judo. Since she has been training Judo, she has to attend three nationwide Judo championship competitions in Phnom Penh. As result, she won three medals including a gold medal in 2008, a silver medal in 2009 and a gold medal in 2010.

“Judo is a sport that I prefer. To improve my health and my Judo skills, I will continue to get my training until I received a black belt and if I am able to study abroad I will continue to train to take the two or three black belt Dan of Judo in the future,” she said.

Besides training, Bosba Panh is now studying the French Literature in the seven-grade at a French School in Phnom Penh. She is also learning the Chinese Literature at a Chinese private school in Phnom Penh. She also studied piano, guitar and singing since she was a child. She started her guitar lessons when she was seven years old and in less than three months she was able to play “Yellow Submarine” from the Beatles. A year after, she started her singing lessons and Khmer traditional dance “Robam Preah Reach Troab” or dance from the Royal Palace. Her teacher Narim is the third generation of dancers in her family and a member of the Royal Ballet. Bosba's ability was discovered when she met with a soprano singing teacher in China who judged her voice to be the quality of a coloratura soprano and concluded that “Bosba is born to sing”.

She said that besides her passion for music and doing well in school, she also practices judo and swimming. To develop her breathing capacity to sing well, she plays sports daily, coached by teachers who are national champions. She also takes care every morning of her domestic animals such as her birds, dog or duck. She even finds time to read one or two books a week, and even finished reading an entire dictionary.
She added that she likes living in French, Khmer, Lao and Thai cultures. She travels extensively and has relatives or friends in these countries. This has influenced her musical style of the band which blends music from the Mekong Region as well as western songs. Already she is singing in French, Khmer, Lao, Thai, Malaysian and Japanese songs.
“I have many dreams in my life. The first dream, I wanted to research medicine or medical doctor working in Cambodia. Second dream, I wish to be a musician, piano, guitar players and famous singer working to help my country. And my third dream, if I can I will get to be a champion of Judo or a second black belt Dan or a third black belt Dan of Judo in the future,” she said.
Chan Chean, Bosba Panh’s Judo Coach, said that she has about 15 Judo trainees training with her at the National Stadium every day. He said that Bosba Panh is one of the top ten Judo trainees in her club. She added that Bosba Panh was able to win the Judo nationwide competitions because of her hard work, hard training and patience.
Meng Heang, father of Bosba Panh, said that he was very happy with his daughter’s effort and hard work.

Heang has three children and Bosba Panh is the only daughter in his family. Bosba Panh is a committed student and as she studies hard and it is a key reason that she has had great success with her piano, guitar, violin, singing studies and Judo because she did well with her studies, learning from her classmates, learning from her teachers, learning from society and other sources.

“I am very proud as I have a good daughter and I wish her all the best of success in the future. As a father, I will give her a strong support encourage her to study for Master’s or Doctor’s Degree abroad in the future. I hope that she will realize her dreams and has a good destiny in the future,” he told The Southeast Asia Weekly.

He added that according to his family’s want, he wanted Bosba Panh to be a doctor; establishing her own pharmacy shop and working to provide treatments as well as to promote people’s healthcare and developments in the Kingdom of Cambodia in the future.

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