Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Andrew Freeman, Cocktail World Cup Telling about his Experiences


Nagaworld is bringing to Cambodia the winner of the world’s most prestigious international Bartender competition, and one of the most respected people in the cocktail industry.

Andrew Freeman, 35, has had about 20 year-cocktail working experiences and he has been working many bars and restaurants around the world.

“I am happy as it is my first time visiting Cambodia. I hope that during my stay here I will share my knowledge with our Bartending staff at Nagaworld. I also plan to share my cocktail knowledge to the people and students in Cambodia,” he told a press conference at Nagaworld in Phnom Penh on May 25.

Andrew Freeman will share his show around Phnom Penh which will take him around to the fruit markets to discover exotic Cambodia fruit which can be used for one of his signature cocktails.

“The reason why I decided to learn making cocktails was because I like it the most and on the other hand, I wanted to become the World Cocktail Champion,” he said. “I am now happy as I have become the World Cocktails Champion in 2005,” he added.

Having successfully completed his Tertiary studies in Hospitality and Tourism in 1995, Andrew commenced work in a vacation which would become his professional career choice. The hospitality industry provided him with a variety of opportunities in the popular Western Australian venues

After his studies he traveled all around the United States and Europe and settled in the UK, where he was quickly promoted to a Bar Manager.

Andrew Freeman commenced working with profile C Lounge Restaurant and Bar. The venue was successful in winning the Bars and Club Magazine, Cocktail list of the Year 2001. It was also awarded a Gold plate Award for Fine Occasional Dining in 2002 and was also a finalist for National Bartender of the Year in both 2001 and 2002.

From C Lounge he moved to the newly opened Luxe Bar. At this A-list venue, he was employed as Bar Trainer. As a direct result of his highly skilled management and training, the venue has won a number of accolades on a National scale. These included finalist for New Bar of the Year 2002, first place winner for Bar Team of the Year 2004, numerous Cocktail List nominations and again, winner for Best Bar Team 2005.

Andrew’s high profile, skills and respect within the hospitality industry of Western Australia, have been widely acknowledged and recognized. His aptitude for Event Management has seen him keenly sought after to coordinate and manage prestigious events such as the Big Day Out in 2002 and 2003, the Lion Nathan Road show in 2003, Johnny Walker Classic 2003, Good Vibrations 2005, 2006 and the WA Launch of Bacardi Black 2005.

In the past six years, Andrew has won over two dozen awards, the latest being World Champion at the 2005 Cocktail World Cup. This was held in Queenstown, New Zealand, and involved 42 international competitors. The events were televised in over seven countries.

Flaring has also been a large part of his successful career and has seen him competing both nationally and internationally, winning further recognition and accolades.

Venue Vision (formed in 2006) is the product of a culmination of Andrew’s skills which have proven to be highly sought after. One of his clients is British American Tobacco Malaysia for whom he created and developed the HORECA SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE. More recently Venue Vision has been sought after for a number of projects throughout Asia including designing another training program for Guinness and Diageo Malaysia known as the “HERO Academy” seeing them train over 300 students through Malaysia, as well as a number of hotel chains and other private sector venues throughout Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Fundamentally Venue Vision is a doorway to the “Best of the Best” within the Hospitality arena internationally.

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