Monday, May 17, 2010

YCC Works to Promote development of Youth Participations


The Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC) which is the youth networking non-governmental organization in Cambodia has been working hard in encouraging and promoting the youth participation for development in Cambodia.

Oeur Samath, Representative of the Youth Council of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, said that YCC was established in 2001 aiming at focusing a greater participation of youth in development and provide a voice for young people in Cambodia.

The main objective of YCC is to build up the ability of youth to participate in development of all sectors; to build up good relationship and cooperation with national and international organizations and other concerned institutions to promote the roles of youth in development; to motivate society pay greater attention on youth issues by encouraging and supporting Cambodia youths activities; and to build up youth networks and coordinate your activities countrywide.

“The youths are the main potential human resources in the development of Cambodia. To encourage and promote their participations in developments, so far, YCC has been implementing many youth projects in order to build up their abilities in participating in development of all sectors in Cambodia,” he told The Southeast Asia Weekly during a personal interview.

Samath pointed out that YCC is working with young people at the age of 13 to 27 years old and is now operating in 13 different provinces and municipality with over 4,000 networks and 400 communes through out Cambodia. He added YCC’s projects included living democracy; advanced democracy seminar; debate training and competition, advocacy and networks program including youth networking building, capacity building to youth network, annual youth conference, leadership and youth democracy festival.

Relating to Living Democracy, Samath emphasized that YCC provides training to junior high schools and high schools students, ages between 13 and 17, in cities and provinces. The course provides a foundation in democratic values that encourages young people to practice democracy in their daily lives.
aid thaty and provincesith a coly during a personal interview on May 1. nooeoning. involved themselves in community developmeThrough LD trainings, YCC reaches out over 30, 000 young people in which 30 percent of them are girls each year.

Relating to Advanced Democracy Seminar, he said that the course is designed in order to encourage active participation in politics by youths, age 18-23. Through out the course training, YCC reaches out over 5,000 young people (30 percent of them are girls) each year in Cambodia. He said that the training is designed to build and develop capacity of young Cambodian people to have analytical and critical thinking and to encourage them to express their thoughts and ideas, especially to involve themselves in public discussion on youth issues through public debate and competition. Through debate training, YCC reaches out over 3,600 young people in which 30 percent of them are girls.

Samath stated that every year since 2005, YCC has been conducting the youth conference to bring over 300 young people from at least nine different target provinces through out the nation to meet and exchange knowledge on community work with one another. He added that those young people are active youth network who have been very much involved themselves in community development in their respective provinces through the encouragement and guidance of each YCC’s provincial representative.

According to statistic figure of the National Institute of Statistic (NIS) in Ministry of Planning, there are over 14 million people in which 9.8 million people are the youths in Cambodia. //

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