Monday, May 17, 2010

Government to Build Good Quality and Durable Roads


The Royal Government of Cambodia is going to build good quality and durable roads in order to make better serve the communications services, poverty alleviation and economic development in Cambodia, said the government high official.

H.E. Tram Iv Tek, Minister of Public Work and Transport (MPWT), said that to promote safety and to serve communication services, the government will construct good quality and durable road as well as to improve national infrastructures in Cambodia.

“As you aware, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport has been tasked with the mission by the Royal Government of Cambodia to be responsible for managing and implementing and maintaining transport infrastructure to better serve the communication services through out the country,” he said during opening remarks of the national workshop on “How to Build Roads with Good Quality” on May 11th.

The Minister continued to say that this noble mission requires us to pay great attention to the sense of responsibility in order to successfully fulfill our mission by taking all possible measures in order that our road infrastructure will be able to serve the public within safety in all seasons. He stated that the government considers that transport sector is the most efficient and it is the precondition for national economic development.

“Let us recall that Samdech Techo Hun Sen, our Prime Minister always repeats that ‘Where is road, there is hope’. Road Construction and Road Development facilitate all sectors including trade, tourism, agriculture, education, and health. In addition, it helps to alleviate poverty and facilitate the social developments at national and international level,” he said.

He added that if the roads are better built with good quality and can be used for long period according to their life span, the cost of maintaining of these roads will be less and eventually the transport fares are also reasonably cheap, thus helping high productivity, high living standard of people and high economic growth.

“In fact, our Royal Government has spent more funds to construct, maintain and develop roads infrastructures which are considered to be top priority for our economic developments. Those funds come partly from our government from loans by International Financial Institutions and grant aid from friendly countries,” he said. “We consider that those roads that have been built by those funds are our “national properties” that we all together must take care and manage them in a sustainable manner,” he added.

Currently, road network that stretches across the country through different geographical areas with different weather and climate cause different negative effects to roads such as national phenomenon heavy traffic areas human factors in Cambodia, he said, adding that besides roads construction and roads maintenance does not only depend on technical issues but it is also depend on recited to financial and economical matters, and other relevant authorities. In fact, the Ministry of Public Work and Transport is the sole authority to directly manage and implement road constructions to better serve the public.

“As I have already stated the definition that roads are our properties has its complete and meaning for us to consider to find out necessary measure to build roads with good quality will help facilitate and boost all sectors including politics, economy particularly this will help alleviate the poverty, reduce spending and increase national revenues,” he said.

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