Friday, April 9, 2010

Seng Peseth Received Scholarship to Study in Japan


Seng Peseth, 22, received a scholarship from the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho Scholarship) to research and study in Japan following a third-successful year of his study with The University of Cambodia’s Dr. Haruhisa Handa 100 percent scholarship program in 2005. He is now going to leave for Fukouta city, Japan, on April 4th, 2010 for two years and six months of studies for Master Degree Courses called International Master’s Program in Economics (IMPE) at the Graduate School of Economics, Kyushu University, Japan.

Peseth is the oldest brother with two sisters in his family, and they are now living in Phnom Penh. His father is the Personal Assistant to the Deputy Director of L.H.R ASEAN Investment Co., LTD and his mother is a businesswoman living in Phnom Penh. He finished high school and earned his Baccalaureate in 2005. Then, he applied to study a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration (BBA) at The University of Cambodia (UC) following the introduction of the Dr. Haruhisa Handa 100 percent scholarship program in 2005.

He passed another scholarship exam that opened the door for two years and six months of his study in Japan in February 2010.

“I am happy that I passed for the Japanese scholarship exam, just as happy as I passed The University of Cambodia’s Dr. Haruhisa Handa 100 percent scholarship program in 2005. I think that this is a good opportunity for me to study abroad and I will be working hard for my master’s program in international economics in the next five years in Japan,” he told The Southeast Asia Weekly during an interview on April 2nd.

Peseth continued to say that he passed the Japanese scholarship exam organized by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport of Cambodia in late June 2009, beating over 400 candidates for the scholarship. He will leave Cambodia to study in Fukouta city, Japan, on April 4th, 2010. He decided to apply for the International Master’s Program in Economics in Japan because he has confident in contributing to do something for development in business and economics in the future in Cambodia,

To achieve his goal, Peseth said that he will study hard and work hard in order to complete his Master’s degree in Japan and also planed to apply for the scholarship of Doctoral Degree in Japan upon the completion of his Master Program.

“My dream is to be an economist or a business expert and apply for work with foreign or international companies or organizations in Cambodia and beyond. I hope that after the completion of my studies abroad I will bring my knowledge, experiences and skills to work and for the benefits of my family as well as my country as a whole” he said.

Relating to his studies with The University of Cambodia, Peseth said that he finished the Fastrax English courses with the University’s Center for English Studies (CES) in 2007, and he has also completed his Bachelor degree in Business Administration with UC in 2008.

“I think that my English Literature is good and I am now also able to pass the Japanese scholarship because I have studied with UC. Now although I will leave my country to study in Japan, I cannot forget UC especially H.E. Dr. Kao Kim Hourn and Dr. Haruhisa Handa who have given me a chance to study with UC free of charge,” he said. “I will study hard in Japan before coming back to teach our next generating students on International Master Program in Economics Course to show my gratitude to UC in the future.”
Keu Laiseap, 45, father of Seng Peseth was very happy with his son’s efforts. He said that he has three children and Seng Peseth is only son, has also passed the UC’s “Samdech Hun Sen-Handa National Scholarships” in 2009.

He pointed out that Peseth is a committed student and as he studies hard, which is a key reason that he got his success two times. learning from his classmates, learning from his teachers, learning from society and other sources. He added that Peseth was able to pass The University of Cambodia scholarship and Japanese scholarships exams because of his hard studies and hard work.

“I am very proud as I have a good son and I wish him all the best of success in the future. As a father, I will give him strong support and encourage him to study for a Doctor’s Degree abroad in the future,” he told The Southeast Asia Weekly on April 1st.

He stated that when Peseth was studying at a primary, Junior high school and high school in Phnom Penh, he studied very hard everyday and as a result, brought home a good report from his teachers on a monthly basis.

“I hope he will realize his dreams and he has a good destiny for his future,” he said. ///


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