Monday, March 1, 2010

“I Want to Become an Information Technology Programmer”


Houy Narun, 21, one of The University of Cambodia’s “Samdech Hun Sen–Handa National Scholarships 2008”students, interviewed with The Southeast Asia Weekly on February 19, telling about his learning experience to get a scholarship. Houy Narun was born in 1989 in Phnom Penh and he has two sisters and one brother. He is the youngest brother in his family.

Narun is now studying Information Technology (IT) at The University of Cambodia (UC) and also studying English Literature at the Institute of Foreign Language (IFL) in Phnom Penh. He passed the scholarship exams offered by UC in Phnom Penh in 2008.

Before he applied to study with The University of Cambodia, he studied at the Preah Yukunthor High School in Phnom Penh and he earned a Baccalaureate in 2008.

“I was overjoyed that I passed ‘Samdech Hun Sen–Handa National Scholarships’ exam,” he said. “I think that it is my honor to get their scholarships and I commit to study hard to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology,” he added.

Narun emphasized that he decided to study the major of Information Technology with UC because he likes the technology and IT. He said on the other hand he wanted to become a future computer technician or Information Technological programmer.

“I decided to study the Information Technology with The University of Cambodia because I want to become a future Information Technology programmer in Cambodia,” he said. “I like studying Information Technology because it is easy to find work to do in Cambodia.”

Narun said that since he has been studying with UC so far, his Computer and IT skills and other knowledge have been improved. He can also read, write and speak English well. He pointed out that to achieve his goal, he now studies very hard and reads many books related to his studies every day. He added that when he completes his Bachelor’s degree goal, he will then continue to study for Master’s degree with the University of Cambodia in future.

Narun said that besides his study with UC, he now is also studying in the second year of English Literature at the Institute of Foreign Language in Phnom Penh. He added that he decided to study English Literature because it is easy for him to reach English documents relating to his IT major and for communication with foreign people in the world.

Heng Rano, 22, an Information Technology student at The University of Cambodia, said that Houy Narun was a hard learner and was one of the most outstanding students in UC. He added that Narun was a kind, gentle and friendly student. ////

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