Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Government Disseminated the Penal Code


The Royal Government of Cambodia has officially disseminated the Penal Code which is the system of punishment of Cambodia in order to spread the information for people nationwide in Cambodia.

The National Conference on Dissemination of the Criminal Code was organized by the Ministry of Justice, and under the presidency of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia on March 10th.

Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen said that “this Penal Code will replace the 1993 United Nations Transitional Authority of Cambodia’s (UNACT) provisional Penal Code which had been practiced over 15 years in Cambodia. He added that the Penal Code is very important because it is only legal tool which has been collected and comprising all legislations and laws to ensure the implementation of justice and rule of law in Cambodia”.

“I used to comment previously that when the new penal code is used, the Ant-Corruption Law will also be adopted. Therefore, now the draft of the anti-Corruption Law is already arrived at the National Assembly and if the National Assembly holds a full session in the morning and evening, the draft on Anti-Corruption Law will be also approved today, or at the latest tomorrow,” he said during opening remarks delivered to disseminations of the Penal Code on March 10th in Phnom Penh.

The Prime Minister Hun Sen said that this new penal code will become in important legislative tool in which it is not only helping the court officers as well as judges, lawyers and prosecutors to have a plenty of legislative documents in fulfilling their duties but also to allow general people to seek and know about the limit of the law and their rights and responsibilities especially about what they should do or should not do in order to avoid from having the punishments or crimes.

He has called the court officials, judges, prosecutors and lawyers to take their effort to study about this new penal code in order that they will able to work to fulfil their duties very well in order to provide justice for the people in Cambodia.

Ang Vongwathana, Minister of Justice, said that over 15 years, due to the shortage of the penal code, the government has used a UNTAC’s provisional Penal Code to carry out its duties in finding the justice and establishing a rule of law in Cambodia.

The Minister Vongwathana continued to say that however, after the establishment of this new penal code, the UNTAC’s provisional penal code will be expired and this new penal code now will be becoming into effect in Cambodia. He pointed out that the new penal code of the Kingdom of Cambodia was passed by the National Assembly on October 12th, 2009 and was also adopted by the Senate on November 17th, 2009. It was also declared to officially use on November 30th nationwide in Cambodia.

He added that with cooperation and technical assistance from French government, the Cambodian government has spent over 10 years to draft and produce this new penal code .

According to Minister Vongwathana, the new penal code comprises of a total of 40 articles and most of the articles have also mentioned about corruptions, crimes and their punishments. ///

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