Monday, March 1, 2010

Cambodia Organizes First Khmer Visual Arts and Theatre Competitions


Over 1,200 artists and 25 Khmer theatre groups attended the nationwide Khmer visual arts and theatre competitions over 12 days from the 19th of February to the 1st of Mach 2010 at Chaktomuk Conference Hall in Phnom Penh to mark the “National Cultural Day” for March 3.

The Khmer Visual Arts and Theatre competition was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and the inauguration ceremony was presided over by the Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Sok An, Minister in Charge of the Council of Ministers.

The event was very important because it will help the government in promoting and preserving Khmer visual arts, Khmer traditional cultures and also to promote the movement of traditional story writing in Cambodia, he said. The event will also attract foreign tourists visiting Cambodia and is an opportunity for all Cambodian artists to improve and develop their artistic skills in the future.

“I am very proud of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts for organizing this historical event in Cambodia. I think that this event is very important because it will help us to discover, promote and preserve our Khmer traditions and cultures for the next generations,” he said during opening remarks at the opening ceremony of the Khmer visual arts and theatre competitions.

The Deputy Prime Minister continued to say that the event was an opportunity for Cambodia to publish about its rich traditions, cultures and arts for the people in the region and in the world in order to attract international tourists in the future.

Samraing Kamsan, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, said that a total of 25 Khmer theatre groups with 27 stories [handworks] and 1,200 artists from 19 cities and provinces attended the competitions. The 27 stories performed in the competitions included: Lakhaon Basac, Lakhaon Yeke; Lakhaon Niyeay, weeding music theatre, Lakhaon Sromorl [Shadow Theatre]; Lakhaon Sbaek, Dances; Lakhaon Seak; and other stories performed related to the Buddhist history; Phnom Sampov Mountain; Techo Meas story, Dolphin, and other Khmer traditional cultural stories in Cambodia.

He continued to say that the theatre competitions will take place at the Chaktomuk Conference Hall and will be shown live by Southeast Asia Television (SEATV). The entry is free of charge for all people in Cambodia.

Relating to the competition’s prizes, Samraing Kamsan said that the award is different depending on group categories. Those who will win the first class of the competition will receive a cup, along with some money; those who will win the second place receive trophy with money, and the third winners receive a trophy with money.

He added that the prizes will be given by Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen on March 3 during the celebration of the National Cultural Day 2010 in Phnom Penh. /////

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