Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cambodia Marks 31st Anniversary of Victory Day Over Genocide


Over 10,000 Cambodian government officials, teachers and student gathered in Phnom Penh on January 7 to mark the 31st Anniversary Celebration of Victory Day over Genocide and to remember those who were killed and died of starvation in the Khmer Rouge’s terror regime.

The 31st Anniversary of Victory Day was organized by the Royal Government of Cambodia, and under the presidency of Samdech Chea Sim, President of the Senate, Samdech Heng Samrin, President of the National Assembly, and Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The Senate President Samdech Chea Sim said that the gathering aimed to remember over two million Cambodian people’s souls and those who were killed and died of starvation during the former Khmer Rouge leaders in their rule of Cambodia from 1975 to 1979.

“The 7th January Victory Day is an historical day that all Cambodian people from everywhere come to gather and meet to mark the day that liberated their lives from genocide and it also is their second birth in their lives,” he said during opening remarks at the 31st Anniversary of the Victory Day over Genocide in Phnom Penh.

The Senate President Samdech Chea Sim continued to say that during the past 31 years, under the wisdom and clear leadership of the Royal Government of Cambodia led by the ruling Cambodian People’s Party, Cambodia has been at peace, political stability, progress and development all sectors. This is because Cambodia has been working on reconstructing and developing its country.

“We expressed the emotion to support and congratulate the Royal Government of Cambodia presided under the genius leader of Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen, and the experienced leader who managed and built, as well as defended the motherland and development on all sectors,” he said. “We all appreciate the successes and cannot forget the sacrifices of our beloved countrymen who persisted against all inhumanities of the genocide regime.”

The President added that this actual history appeared that in the period of 31 years, initiating from the successes of 7th January 1979, Cambodian people made great artwork to defend and build its own Cambodian nation.

“We have fought against the return of a genocide regime we have finished the prolonged war and made the nation agree totally and become a peaceful country,” he said. “The rights and freedom, and democracy, as well as legal state have developed widely, and honor and the national prestige were also re-built. It’s the greatest success of all people who united to establish. All people understood that if there was no 7th of January, we would not have everything as today. No one could not forget it.”
The President stated that the positive progress in the present day is reflecting on the spiritual efforts of Cambodian people such as all ministries, authorities, government officials, armed forces and all societies and other development partners.

He added that for 31 past years, the CPP and Cambodian people have lived together in stability. The spirit of 7th January was endorsed with Cambodia’s conscience and turned out to be a broad force in creation of the national society.

Relating to the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) or Khmer Rouge Leaders’ trial, Samdech Heng Samrin said that the Cambodian People’s Party as well as the Royal Government strongly supported the ECCC trail in finding the justice for those who had been killed in the Khmer Rouge’s regime. However, he warned that the government will take action against those who intended to use the Khmer Rouge’s trials to affect on the national reconciliation and peace in Cambodia.

Relating to the future Cambodian People’s Party’s Prime Minister Candidate, the President Samdech Chea Sim stated that the party will continue to support and appoint Samdech Techo Hun Sen as its Prime Minister candidate for national elections in the future.

He also call on all Cambodian political parties to recognize and respect the 7th January Day because there was no 7th January, they would not have everything as today.

According to a report of the Cambodian People’s Party, over two million Cambodian people had been killed by executions, starvations and illness during the Khmer Rouge regime from 1975 to 1979.

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