Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cambodia Releases the Final Result of 2009 Nation-Wide Establishments Listing


The Ministry of Planning and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Cambodia have official released a final result of 2009 nation-wide establishment survey in Cambodia. The final result was conducted by the National Institute of Statistics in the Ministry of Planning, supported by the Royal Government of Cambodia and the Government of Japan.

Chhay Than, Senior Minister and Minister of Planning, said that because of the limited budget of the Cambodian government , the National Institute of Statistics stopped conducting the establishment survey since the completion of the ADB project in 2003.

The Minister continued to say that since finishing the ADB project, the NIS has received JICA support for conducting establishment surveys in some provinces, preparing a nation-wide establishment listing of Cambodia in 2009 and preparing the 2011 Economics Census of Cambodia in line with the Statistical Master Plan (SMP) 2008-2015.

“As you are aware, the 2009 nation-wide establishment listing of Cambodia supported technically and financially by government of Japan and JICA through the Phase II of the Project Improvement Official Statistics in Cambodia,” Chhay Than said during opening remarks at the opening ceremony on December 9 at the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center in Phnom Penh.

The Minister went on to say that this is the first nation-wide establishment listing of Cambodia conducted by counting all establishments in Cambodia, except the agricultural, fishery and forestry establishments and mobile establishments.

“We are now producing the official data and we are releasing the final result today,” he said.

Chhay Than stated that the 2009 nation-wide establishment listing is very crucial to providing the data for compiling the national account, main indicators that allow the government to know about its economic situation in future. He added that the data not only presented the detailed aggregate information but also presented the detailed information of all of provinces, districts, communes and villages of Cambodia.

“We will produce the master frame of the establishments for economics surveys and produce census frame for the economic census of Cambodia in 2011 include all small, medium and establishments following the international standard,” he said. “Through these activities, we will improve our knowledge, skills and capacities of both NIS and provincial staff to support 2011 economic census in 2011.”

The results of the 2009 nation-wide establishment survey will provide the current situation of the economic activities of the Cambodian economy as well as fulfill general demands of data from policy makers, NGOs, private sectors, researchers, and other development partners.

The nation-wide establishment listing also provides the government the aspects of economic and social development through the activities and number of workers of the small and medium establishments, he said, adding that the result of the nation-wide establishments listing also continue to the decentralization and decocentralization activities of the Royal Government of Cambodia to support the statistical activities and preparation of the financial planning for sub-nation levels.

Yasujiro Suzuki, Chief of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Cambodia, said that it is a pleasure for JICA to have built a partnership with the Ministry of Planning, including National Institute of Statistics, in various ways. He said that JICA’s support to NIS started from dispatching Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and a Senior Volunteer for providing technical assistance since 1999. JICA also provided training for more than 600 statistical staff through a technical cooperation project which started in 2005. Now, the Project on Improving Official Statistics in Cambodia Phase 2, started from 2007, aims primarily at capacity development of the Cambodian government to help implement general Population Census and Establishment Surveys.

“Qualified and updated official statistics help people clearly understand the socio-economic situation of a country, so that can contribute to the formulation of the appropriate development polices and the alleviation of poverty. Qualified and updated official statistics improve [the] capacity of public administration and contribute to good governance, which is one of the priority areas for JICA’s cooperation in Cambodia,” Suzuki said.

According to the final result in the 2009 nation-wide establishment listing of Cambodia, there were 376,761 establishments in Cambodia as of February 9, 2009. The number of persons engaged in these establishments was 1, 4469,712 composed of 626, 783 males accounting for 42.6 percent and 842,929 females rounding out the remaining 57.4 percent. However, males accounted for over 50 percent in establishments with two or more persons engaged. ////

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