Friday, December 18, 2009

Cambodia Holds “4th One Province One Product 2009” Exhibition


The Royal Government of Cambodia has conducted its “4th Cambodia Import-Export and One Province and One Product Exhibition 2009,” an important trade forum to encourage and attract foreign business people and investors to Cambodia.

The “4th Cambodia Import-Export and One Province and One Product Exhibition 2009” was organized by the Ministry of Commerce for four days from December 15-18 at the Mondial Center in Phnom Penh, and the event was presided over by Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister Keat Chhon, Minister of Economy and Finance, and also Honorary Chairman of the Supreme National Economic Council in Cambodia.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that this is the fourth year in a row in which this significant trade event has been held to showcase the business community of both national and international levels for businesses and investments being carried out in the country. He added that Cambodia has always strived to provide a will to serve the common interest of bilateral or multilateral developments.

“I would like to inform that Cambodia has been implementing the ‘Rectangular Strategy’ for the development of the national economy, which was a lofty initiative and wise visions of Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen. The ‘rectangular strategy’ has been successfully implemented during phase I, and has presently entered into phase II, which is the Socio-Economic Policy Agenda of the political program of the Royal Government of the 4th legislature of the National Assembly,” Keat Chhon said during his opening remarks delivered to the opening ceremony.

Keat Chhon continued to say that in the framework of the implementation of this strategy, the Royal Government of Cambodia is constantly promoting sustainable growth for Cambodia, based on the fowling factors including peace, political stability, security and social order; Cambodia’s integration into the region and the world, which lets Cambodia have major market access including private sector, donor community and civil society; and favorable macro-economic and financial environments.

The “rectangular strategy” and the above-mentioned key factors are the basic fundamentals for encouraging business people and investors both national and international, to be able to do businesses in Cambodia. The Royal Government of Cambodia has charted the direction for the Ministry of Commerce to create such annual trade events.

“The ‘Cambodia Import-Export and One Product One Province Exhibition’ trade event has provided golden opportunities for all traders, producers and investors who are attending this exhibition to seek their trade and investment partners to enlarge their trade businesses,” said Keat Chhon.

He added that the exhibition organized under the topic of the “Import-Export and One province One Product” is the contribution of the Royal Government to create a trade atmosphere by promoting the campaigns of “One Province One Product,” promoting Cambodian export to the international markets, promoting and increasing the openness of the domestic markets, attracting more foreign trade and investment partners to Cambodia, and promoting trade activities in relation to tourism through attending the trade exhibitions.

Cham Prasidh, Senior Minister and Minster of the Commerce, said that the 4th “Cambodia Import-Export and One Product One Province Exhibition” was conducted with the participation of 126 companies for a total number of 230 booths, out of which 86 booths were for introducing export products and local services, 96 booths were for displaying import products and foreign services, with the balance 48 booths for exhibiting “One Province One Product” or “One Village One Product” exhibitions.

The Minister said the products and services on display were divided into 18 major categories as follows: agricultural products; agricultural and industrial machinery; skill handicrafts and souvenirs; general work place stationery and equipment; processed foods or other foodstuffs; daily consumable goods and household products; products for household decoration; fabric, textiles and tailoring equipment; all kinds of construction materials; hotel services; educational institutions; jewelry and other precious stones; medical and cosmetic products; plastic products and lubricant; electronic and computer equipment; investment projects; tourism, banking and other financial services; and various kinds of products and furniture.

“The organizing of the annual trade exhibition for the past years has shown proud fruition, and we see remarkable increase in the trade and the investment delegations attending this important national trade event,” he said. “This year, Japan led 80 delegations with 10 exhibition booths booked for its country’s business entities. We also see a group of 30 delegations from the South and North Korea, with 13 exhibition booths confirmed.”

Besides the activities above, there were also delegations from different 15 countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore that confirmed their exhibition booths in this exhibition in Cambodia.

“I trust that the annual ‘Cambodia Import-Export and One Product One Province Exhibition’ is an effective trade and investment event in Cambodia, which creates solid business opportunities for domestic and foreign companies to discuss and exchange opinion, and to showcase their products or create further trade and investment partnerships,” he added.

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