Friday, December 25, 2009

Cambodia and Korea Launch the First T-DMB Television System


Cambodia and Korea launched the “Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (T-DMB)” on December 22 in order to introduce Cambodians to the newest Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Cambodia.

The launch of the “T-DMB” system was organized by the Cambodian Ministry of Information, Korea Radio Promotion Association (KRPA) and Korean Communications Commission of Republic Korea, and the launching ceremony of the T-DMB was presided over by Khieu Kanharith, Minister of Information, and Lee Kyung JUNG, Ambassador of the Korean Embassy in Cambodia.

Kem Kunawadh, Government Delegate in Charge of the General Director of the National of Television Kamouchea (TVK), said that it marked the first time Cambodia has launched the “T-DMB” television system.

General Director Kunawadh continued to say that this establishment of the newest ICTs or T-DMB system was made through the good cooperation between the Kingdom of Cambodia and The Republic of Korea in promoting the development of ICTs in Cambodia.

“The T-DBM system is one of the Korea’s newest technologies, which will be used in Cambodia. Through the launch of this T-DBM system, I hope that our Cambodian people will enjoy this newest television system and it will also become the popular TV system in Cambodia in the future,” he said during the launching ceremony in Phnom Penh.

He emphasized that the launch of the T-DMB system has shown the “Dynamic Korea” and the success of the good cooperation on the new technologies in the digital age of the T-DMB between Cambodia and Korea.

He stated that according to the Ministry of Information’s plan, the first phase of the T-DMB system will be used only in Phnom Penh with a total of 28 kilometers coverage surrounding the capital and the next phase will be used nationwide throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia.

He added that through the establishment of this T-DMB system, TVK will be leading in producing its complex productions with a quality guarantee and broadcasting content in response to the needs of their viewers in Cambodia.

Youn-Hyun Park, General Director of the Korean Communications Commission of Republic Korea, said that currently, the development of industry and information technologies have been vastly changing the living-condition and livelihood of the people in Korea.

He said that T-DMB is the newest achievement of integrated technology between broadcasting system and telecommunications which provide complex programs including broadcasting system, telecommunications, and broadcasting contents.

He said that T-DMB is a television service that people can visit free of charge everywhere, anytime with high qualities and quantities.

“I hope that with T-DMB providing nationwide, T-DMB will contribute to development of Cambodia on the section of the telecommunications, information and technologies and health care of people in Cambodia. I also believe that this launch of the T-DMB program will become a good opportunity in promoting and improving cooperation and relation between our two countries in the future,” he said.

He added that currently T-DMB is a very popular television system in Korea and there are about 24 million T-DMB televisions in Korea. ///

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