Friday, November 27, 2009

San Rithy Dreams of Becoming an Economist in the Future


One of The University of Cambodia’s “Samdech Hun Sen–Handa National Scholarship” winners in 2007, San Rithy, 22, spoke with The Southeast Asia Weekly during an interview on November 20. San Rithy was born in 1988 in Kean Svay district, in Kandal province. San Rithy has four sisters and one brother, and he is the fifth brother in the family.

San Rithy is now studying Economics at The University of Cambodia (UC) in Phnom Penh and also English Literature with the Institute of Foreign Language in Phnom Penh. He passed the scholarship exams offered by The University of Cambodia in Phnom Penh in 2007.

“I think that I am very lucky that I passed the scholarship exams from The University of Cambodia and have the opportunity to study with UC without paying money,” he said. “To reach my bachelor degree goal, I think that I have to study hard to complete my degree in the next two years.”

The scholar student San Rithy emphasized that before he applied for study with UC, he studied at the Hun Sen-Serei Pheap High School in Takhmau district, in Kandal province, and earned a Baccalaureate in 2007. He applied to study Economics at UC following the introduction of the “Samdech Hun Sen–Handa National Scholarship” in 2007.

“I decided to study Economics with The University of Cambodia as I want to become a future economist in Cambodia,” he said. “I want to work with the Ministry of Finance and Economy or NGOs in order to promote social developments and progress in my country.”

Rithy said that since he has been studying with UC so far, he has learned a lot about Economics as well as other fields such as Computer Skills, English Literature, Laws, and Philosophy. He can also read, write and speak English well.

When Rithy completes his Bachelor’s Degree goal, he will continue to study for his Master’s Degree with The University of Cambodia. He said that besides his study with UC, he now is also studying in his third year of English Literature at the Institute of Foreign Language in Phnom Penh. He stated that he decided to study English Literature because English is the one major that relates to all fields of study in universities for communicating and researching documents. It will also supplement his economic skills.

Rithy said besides his studies with UC and IFL, he now is also working as a part-time English teacher at the Informatics and Foreign Language Center in Takhmau district, Kandal province. He began his English teaching in 2007 to make some money to support his studies in Phnom Penh. He teaches class from 5.30-7.30 PM every day Monday through Saturday.

Chorn Sophannak, 22, a third year Economics student at The Royal University of Law and Economic Sciences (RULE), and also a close friend of San Rithy, appreciated Rithy’s hard work. He said that he has known San Rithy since 2003 when he was studying with him at the Hun Sen-Serei Pheap High School in Takhmau district, in Kandal province.

Sophannak added that San Rithy was a hard worker, friendly, gentle and helpful to other students in his class.

“I am proud that I have a hardworking, gentle and helpful friend like San Rithy. I wish him all the best of success with his studies in the future,” he told The Southeast Asia Weekly on November 20. ///

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