Friday, November 27, 2009

Phnom Penh Hosts 8th Civil Society Fair and 3rd National PECSA Networking Event


Approximately 450 local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and about 300 people, including NGO representatives, government officials, students and farmers from across the country, attended the 8th Civil Society Fair and 3rd National PECSA Networking Event under the theme “Working Together for Social Accountability” for two days from November 17-18 at the National Institute of Education in Phnom Penh.

Nouth Saan, Secretary of State for the Ministry of the Interior and Representative of Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng, Minister of the Interior, who presented on the opening day of the event, appreciated Cambodian civil society’s initiative in creating the 8th Civil Society Fair and 3rd National PECSA Networking Event in Phnom Penh.

The 8th Civil Society Fair showcased the NGOs’ strong efforts and hard work in building and developing Cambodia as well as the Royal Government’s role in promoting human resource and vocational training, the promotion of healthcare, pandemic disease prevention, environment and traditional culture preservation, governance and law and morality education in Cambodia, said Nouth Saan.

“The civil societies are the partners of the Royal Government of Cambodia in developing the nation. They not only provide services for Cambodians but also directly participate in encouraging and increasing good governance and social accountability for the people in Cambodia,” he said.

The Secretary of State continued to say that good governance, social accountability and anti-corruption are needed in democratic society so the public administrative officials will change their working attitudes from leader to service provider for their people and for those who need their services.

“I would like to call on all Cambodian people to participate in every activity of the commune and Sankat council members in order that their needs will be solved by the basic administrations,” he said at his opening remarks of the event.

To promote good governance in Cambodia, Nuth Saan said that good governance, including accountability and anti-corruption, is one of the core reforming strategies of the government’s second phase of its rectangular strategy. He added that the Ministry of the Interior will continue its hard work in promoting good governance at all levels in cities and provinces across the country.

The Secretary of State continued to say that his ministry has also prepared the national policy on democratic development which will determine the action plan for the implementation of the Law on Administrative and Provincial Management of Centralization and Decentralization in short term, medium term and long term which will begin its implementation from 2010 to 2019. He added that his ministry will also continue to strengthen its cooperation with partner NGOs and other concerned NGOs in order to support and encourage the implementation of other working plans and projects at every level based in sustainability and reaching to reduce the people’s poverty in accordance with Cambodian government’s policies and national strategies.

Chet Charya, President of the Star Kampuchea Organization, said the purpose of the event is to celebrate and exhibit the accomplishments, products and common goals of civil society organizations; contribute to nation building; and showcase them to the national and international community, media and the public. She added that the event also aimed to present commitment, achievement and products of civil society to the government, public and to broader stakeholders; to provide opportunity for participants to meet, share and enhance learning on good governance, service delivery and social accountability; and to promote understanding, relationship and partnership among government, CSO, media, community and other stakeholders in Cambodian society. /////

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