Friday, November 27, 2009

Meta House Organizes Green Night in Phnom Penh to Save the Environment


The Meta House, in collaboration with the Smart Mobile Company, organized a “Save the Environment Event” in Phnom Penh on November 20 involving networking and awareness-raising discussions on the issues of climate change and environmental protection for Cambodians.

Lydia Parusol, General Manager of the Meta House which is a German non-governmental organization, said that it marked the first time that Meta House has organized a Save the Environment Event in Phnom Penh. She said that the main purpose of the event was to provide a platform of networking discussions and awareness for the issues of climate change and environmental protection for people in Cambodia. It will also raise awareness about climate change and environmental protection in Cambodia.

“In Cambodia, people have already heard the slogan “Save the Environment!”, but do they know how? This Friday Green Night’s Save the Environment is the first educative event of a series we are planning together with Smart Mobile,” she said at the discussion. “With a combination of funny activities and showcasing products but also with educative messages, we are aiming to open a platform of networking discussions and awareness for the issues of climate change and environmental protection in Cambodia.”

The General Manager continued to say that the Cambodia’s Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen said recently, “Cambodia is a victim of climate change and developed countries should shoulder more responsibilities in reversing the effects of global warming”. Thus, the Meta House’s Save the Environment event will help the Cambodian government in promoting environmental protection and a green perspective in Cambodia.

She added that the traffic in Phnom Penh has increased in the last 5 years. Therefore, smoke is still problem in Phnom Penh. Garbage and less facility to keep garbage is another problem, beside little education about environmental issues. People who live in main cities are currently consuming more than, for example, they did 5 years ago. This situation leads to the problem that the garbage is dumped and collecting companies are overwhelmed with the amount.

To create green lifestyles and green perspective in Phnom Penh as well as in Cambodia, she said that the Cambodian government should provide education about environmental issues: awareness-raising about climate change and its impact, protection of forest and other areas such as the Mekong and Tonle Sap Rivers, support of eco – tourism, and support of local markets and products.

To promote a healthy environment and green perspective in Cambodia, Lydia said that Meta House in cooperation with Smart Mobile Company plans to organize more Green Nights events to inform the public, organize art events related to the theme, and make documentaries about the issue as educational tools in the future.

Relating to her organization, she said that Meta House was founded in 2007 with the aim to promote traditional culture, arts and other social developments in Cambodia. Meta House has not only established itself as a meeting place for artists and art lovers, but also as an intercultural and interdisciplinary networking platform for Cambodian-based artists, Cambodian artists living overseas and their international colleagues.

The Meta House organizers firmly believe that contemporary art is a marker of development. The growth of expressive art forms is crucial to the development of any society, none more so than Cambodia, where individuals are desperate for a voice. Meta House fosters an environment of self-expression and “critical thinking” and promotes art awareness and criticism.

She added that since the establishment of Meta House in 2007, it has made many achievements in Cambodia, including a master film school, children’s exhibitions, several environmental film festivals, presentations of key speakers, art exhibitions about social and environmental issues (globalization), and has supported artists and artist groups. ////

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