Monday, October 19, 2009

IBM Introduces Technical Solutions to Cambodian Banks


IBM, American international Company has introduced the latest technologies and business solutions to help organizations in Cambodia to build a smarter business in the current economic downturn. The solutions bases on continuous innovations of IBM systems X, Blade center, Storage, and best global industry frameworks from IBM Software to support Cambodia’s growing business.

The introduction of the IBM’s latest technologies and business solutions was made during a press conference on October 14, organized by the IBM at the Naga World Hotel in Phnom Penh.

Leon Wee, Country Manager of Software Group, IBM Vietnam, said that it was the first time his company entered the Cambodian market.

“The global market place is reshaping; and organizations around the world are changing accordingly to play in their new roles. This gives a great opportunity for sectors and business to move ahead by using the most advanced technologies and the best business solutions, which IT now plays an integral part,” he said in the press conference.

The Country Director Leon said the key attributes of IBM software offering to Cambodia included IBM Banking framework in which there is Custom Care and Insight which aims to help banks build a foundation for creating a single view of customers and enabling more effective and efficient sales and services; Core Banking Transformation which is to allow banks to modernize and renovate legacy application that support core banking functions while aligning with the changing needs of the business; Payments framework which helps banks progressively transform their payments operations to become more flexible and efficient as well as showcase how it could leverage industry standards, business partners applications; and IBM Smart SOA foundation with payments extensions to speed time to value for banks; and Integrated Risk Management which enables banks to better understand their full set of risks and opportunities in order to make informed decisions as well as a holistic approach to managing financial risks, financial crimes, operational and IT risk, and compliance.

Leon continued to say that other new products are IBM Telecommunication framework, IBM government framework, IBM blade center, IBM System Storage, and IBM advanced power virtualization. He added that in the past few years, Cambodian sectors and businesses have adopted some IT solutions to modernize their operations. Today, IBM aims to lift IT adoption in the country to a higher level, creating a platform for them to compete in the domestic and global markets.

Vince Leat said that furthermore, the banking industry will be able comply with national and international regulations and practices, creating favored conditions for other economic sectors and industry to do business globally. He added that Telco and government sectors can also benefit from frameworks and solutions designed for their specific operations. Adopting IBM’s Telco framework will help operators bring important communications services to the remaining 82 percent of the population in Cambodia yet to be taped. Government projects such as Government administration information system can now leapfrog by using IBM solutions to manage and service their citizens better.

“As a geo-expansion strategy to new market and a vision of building a Smart Planet, IBM brings its latest solutions from deep business insight, global experience and successful cases studies to Cambodian business sector and industries. IBM integrated solutions will help them to meet business challenges and to position for sustainable growth, industry leadership and gaining market share,” he said.

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