Monday, October 19, 2009

Bun Theng Tells about his Hard Learning Experience to Win Three Scholarship Exams


One of The University of Cambodia’s “Samdech Hun Sen – Handa National Scholarships 2008”students, Keo Bun Theng, 19, has provided an interview with The Southeast Asia Weekly, telling about his learning experience to winning three scholarship. Bun Theng is the oldest son of four brothers in the family, and they are now living in Lovea Em district, Kandal province where he was born in 1991.

His father is working as Director with the Hun Sen Lovea Em High School located in Lovea Em district and his mother is a grocery vendor.

Bun Theng is now studying International Relations (IR) at The University of Cambodia (UC), studying Laws at the Royal University of LAW and Economic Sciences (RULE) and studying English Literature at the Cambodian Mekong University (CMU) in Phnom Penh. He passed the scholarships exams offered by UC, RULE and CMU in 2008.

“I am very happy because I won three scholarship exams offered by the UC, RULE and CMU in 2008,” he said. “I think that I am very lucky that I passed three scholarship exams in the same academic year and to study at UC, RULE and CMU.”

He added: “I think that I passed the UC exams because of my hard studies and hard works and this is a good opportunity for me to study at the UC, RULE and CMU in Cambodia. Nowadays, although I am now very busy with my studies but I am really overjoyed and enjoy my studies very much. I will try my best to study to complete my Bachelor Degrees with these universities in future.”

Keo Bun Theng pointed out that he studied at the Sunthor Mok High School in Phnom Penh, earning a Baccalaureate in 2008. He applied to study International Relations at UC following the introduction of the “Samdech Hun Sen – Handa National Scholarships” in 2008. He said he decided to apply for study the International Relations with UC because his friends recommended that UC was the best university in Cambodia. They will help him became the further young Cambodian leader, diplomat or laws Expert in Cambodia, in the future.

“I decided to study International Relations with The University of Cambodia because I wanted to be a governor, diplomat or laws expert working with the Royal Government of Cambodia in the future and I prefer to study at UC because this university has qualified professors, excellent teaching method and most updated curriculum,” he said.

Bun Theng said to achieve his goal, he now studies very hard and reads many books related to his studies every day. Other research sources include the internet, emails, websites, foreign newspapers and magazines. He said that when he completed his Bachelor’s Degree, he will then continue to study for Master’s Degrees in Administration with the Royal Administration School in Phnom Penh. He added that after he completed his Master Degree he will apply for Doctoral Degree in Administration with the Royal Academy of Cambodia in the future.

“When I complete my Bachelor Degrees with UC, RULE and CMU I will then continue to study my advanced degree with the Royal Administration School and the Royal Academy of Cambodia in future,” he said. “I decided to choose my advanced studies with theses schools because I think that nowadays the quality of teaching and education in Cambodia are developed and qualified like other universities abroad.”

Bun Theng said that besides his studies with UC, RULE and CMU, he now is also studying French Literature at the Institute of Foreign Language (IFL) in Phnom Penh. He added that he decided to study French Literature because French is the priority major that related to his studying fields in the Royal University of Law and Economic Sciences, the Royal Administration School and the Royal Academy of Cambodia in the future.

“My dream is to be a future governor, diplomat or law expert in Cambodia. I think that if I am successful in my studies and able to be a governor or diplomat in future I will be working hard to help the poor and work to develop my country to be a developed country like others in region,” he said.

Keo Veasna, Director of the Hun Sen Lovea Em High School in Kandal province, and is Keo Bun Theng’s father, is very happy with his son’s efforts. He said that he has five sons and Keo Bun Theng is the oldest son in his family. He continued that Bun Theng is also the only son who has studied at the University of Cambodia in Phnom Penh.

Veasna pointed out that Bun Theng went to the school while he was at five years old and studied at the Lovea Em Primary School. Many years later, he was sent to study at the Sunthor Mouk Junior High School in Phnom Penh.

Bun Theng was the primary and high school in Phnom Penh, he studied very hard every day and night and as a result, he was classified as first ranking student on a monthly or yearly basis, said Veasna, adding that he has also received many “appraisal letters as good at student” from his school directors every month and year.

He continued to say that Keo Bun Theng has also received as the most outstanding student award from Phnom Penh Municipality in 2007, and won the first class of the nationwide most outstanding student award in 2008.

“I am very proud and honored that I have a good son like Bun Theng. As a father and on behalf of my family, I will support and encourage him to continue his studies for Master’s or Doctoral degrees in future. I hope that with his hard studies, hard works, and strong commitment, he will realize his dream and became a good leader in Cambodia in future. I wish him all the best of luck and success with his studies,” he told The Southeast Asia Weekly.

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