Wednesday, September 30, 2009

“Imaginary Park of the Arts” Awards


Three teams of the 11 teams of Cambodian Architectural students who competed in the competition of the “Imaginary Park of the Arts”, have won the FCC’s Award in Cambodia, said Alain Arnaudet, Director of the French Cultural Centre (FCC).

Alain Arnaudet said that the competition of the “Imaginary Part of the Arts” was jointly organized by the French Cultural Centre (FCC), Kampuchea Institution of Architects (KIA), SCA, and French Embassy to Cambodia within the framework of the Our City Project, month of architecture in Cambodia.

The team which ended up in first place consists of three students from the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) Hour Kimhout, Tuch Mey and Khat Chhorvy. The team that ended up second was made up of Peou Ty, Sok Samnang, and Sour Nora, also from RUFA. The team in third place consists of Lay Ngeab Heang, Pheap Sophat, Thoeurn Bunthorn, Tuy Chanthoeurn, Meng Bunly, Phy Davuth, San Visuth, Say Rithy, and Soung Sophisey.

The FCC director said that the first team received a certificate each and a US$500 prize; the second team received one certificate each with a US$ 300 award; and the third team received one certificate each with a US$ 200 prize.

Relating to the competition, Alain said that it marked the first time that FCC has organized the Imaginary Park of Phnom Penh Arts competition in order to promote architecture and development in Cambodia. He added that the main purpose of the competition is to promote young architects, the development, architectural constructions and progress in Cambodia.

“The French Cultural Centre is pleased to organize the competition of the Imaginary Park of the Arts so we can promote young architects and architectural constructions in Cambodia. We hope that with this initiative, the young Cambodian people will learn about the importance of architectural constructions and buildings in Cambodia and then, they will continue these activities and will be able to design, develop and promote the development and progress in their country in future,” he said at the awarding ceremony on September 25.

Hour Kimhout, 25, fourth year student of Architectures of the Royal University of Fine Arts, said that he was happy to win the first class competition.

Kimhout said that his team has designed an imaginary park which displayed the development and architectural constructions in Phnom Penh for the competition. He and his team spent two months researching and exploring ideas before coming to the final product. “I cannot believe me and my team have won this competition. I will certainly keep going in this direction,” he told The Southeast Asia weekly after receiving his award on September 24.

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