Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cambodia-Korea Strengthen Bonds Trough Seminar


The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Cambodia-Korea Alumni Association (CAMKAA) have organized a seminar called “Exchange Experiences of the Cambodia Korea Alumni Association” in order to share experiences among former students and from one ministry to another and so establish a multilateral network. A large number of KOICA Alumni members belonging to different Korean and Cambodian government ministries have participated in the workshop.

Kim Byung-Gwan, Representative of KOICA, said that the workshop was important way for developing social-economy to focus on human resources development in Cambodia. “The main purpose of the seminar is to renew our acquaintances, to share our value experiences and knowledge in Korea among KOICA fellows and Cambodian officials and to promote mutual and friendly relationship and partnerships between Korea and Cambodia and to establish a mutual network of specialists from many disciplines, professional fields, institutions and agencies who have been beneficiaries of KOICA-sponsored scholarship and training program,” he said.

Kim Byun-Gwan said that the KOICA’s development cooperation program have made a significant contribution in this regard, with a total of 1,306 Cambodian participants invited to Korea from 1994 to 2008 for various training and study courses.

The representative said that all of KOICA fellows presented in this workshop are witnesses to the value of these cooperation programs and human resources development, having visited Korea and shared Korea’s economic, industrial, technological and management experiences and expertise, as well as having has the opportunity to glimpse into the history and culture of the country and its people.

“You have all become dear friends of Korea by playing an invisible but important role in linking our two countries closer together. I believe that I this is a clear indication of the warm support and interest of the members toward the association and its activities. I hope that every member of CAMKAA will continue to contribute to the development of the Cambodian economy, and also strengthen ties between our two countries. KOICA will continue its support of CAMKA,” he said.

Seng Setha, Vice-President of the CAMKAA, said that the workshop marked the 2nd year of the association in exchanging experiences of the Cambodia-Korea Alumni Association in Cambodia. He said that CAMKAA is the alumni association of the participants to academic and training courses, workshops, seminars, and other activities sponsored by the Korea International Cooperation Agency in Cambodia.

He continued that CAMKAA was established in 2007 aiming to further institutionalize the cooperation the two countries. CAMKAA would assure that the valuable lesions gained from KOICA training experiences could be sustained by the participants or trainees and applied to the advantage of their respective organizations.

KOICA was established in Cambodia in 1991 and since then the organization has been providing many grant aids such infrastructures, economy, society, health and policy in order to develop the Kingdom of Cambodia. So far, the organization has also been funding and sending over 1,500 Cambodian officials to train in Korea, according to its report.

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