Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prime Minister Hun Sen Thanks Private Educational Sector


Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen said that the private educational sector has been assisting the Royal Government of Cambodia to promote and develop education in Cambodia. “The private sector has had a strong participation in the developing and strengthening of educational quality and therefore the quality of human resources in Cambodia,” he said during his opening remarks at a graduating ceremony at the Royal University of Law and Economics in Phnom Penh on August 12.

According to the Prime Minister the private sector has done a great job promoting education and so produces the future scholars and qualified work forces of Cambodia. “Besides the government’s investment, the private sector invests and the family of students investing in education, he said, adding that all of this showed the common goals of the Cambodian people and the Royal Government of Cambodia.”

The Premier said due to hard work and the efforts of many people and organizations, the educational systems and Cambodian degree’s now have been official recognized by many colleges and universities abroad. Especially in US there have been made great strides in the certification process. Currently, there is also a large amount of foreign students studying at universities in Cambodia. The steps Cambodia has taking in improving the quality of education make the Royal Government very proud, according to the Prime Minister.

“I am very proud at our educational sector, especially the private colleges and universities in Cambodia. They have been putting in a lot of effort and their works have really helped and contributed to the development of education and increasing the quality of human resources in Cambodia,” he said. “I hope all private school and university owners will continue their work and provide high quality training to their students to further strengthen the quality of education and human resources.”

The Premier emphasized that the government has determined that the human resource development is among the Cambodian government’s priority programs. “In the era of knowledge, education will determine the future.” According to MoEYS, there are currently a total of 3,403,751 students and 106,300 teachers, 1,634 public kindergartens, 6,476 public primary schools, 1,006 public junior high schools, 315 secondary schools and 45 institutes and universities in Cambodia.

To promote education in Cambodia, the Cambodian government has been making three important educational system reforms. The first is the Enrolling Equity Guarantee, which aims to build schools closed to people’s houses and provide more scholarships for students; and so provide each Cambodian citizen the chance to receive education. The second reform in named Education Quality and Effectiveness which aims to construct more libraries and schoolrooms, and implement curriculums developments to improve the quality of education on offer. The third reform is Staff Capacity Building and Institutions Development which goal it is to provide training for all staff and restructure the current work systems used by educational institutes.

To enhance the quality of education, the Cambodian government will continue to invest in the sector. “The government will build more schools and increase teachers housings and student housings in all cities and provinces,” the Prime Minister stated. He further added that the government will also put efforts in generating more jobs for graduates.

Im Sethy, Minister of Education Youth and Sport, said that the Royal Government of Cambodia has named education a priority program because a better educated Cambodian work force is necessary to establish social and economic development. The Minister said that the government has set up a strategic development plan for 2006-2010 focusing on human resources development and ensuring that, “Every child and youth has same opportunity to receive high quality education in Cambodia.”///

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