Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ministry of Information Provides Training for Journalists and Photographers


A total of 48 Cambodian media officers from different ministries, and 22 cities and provinces have participated in a photojournalism training conducted over five days from the 24th to the 28th of August in Phnom Penh. The training was organized by the Ministry of Information in collaboration with the Cambodia Scene, participants where government’s media officers as well as Cambodian photographers.

Khieu Kanharith, Minister of Information, stated that the 5 day training was meant to expand the abilities of Cambodian media officers and journalist. The Ministry offered this training so that the employees in the day to day work field would keep up with the development and the progress in the media field in Cambodia. The training aims to instruct Cambodia’s media officers about their duties and responsibilities. The training offered instruction on journalism as well as photojournalism.

“This is the first training for media officers in Cambodia. It aims to train both journalists and photographers in their journalism skills, so that they will be able to deliver professional work of a high standard for their organizations or institutions,” the Minister said during his closing remarks of the Journalism Training on August 28. The Minister pointed out that the Cambodian media has played an important role in strengthening development, democracy and upholding the rule of law in Cambodia. In recent years the Cambodian media has made a great leap in professionalizing their work field. The Minister called on all journalists to continue this positive development. The Minister further asked all journalists to continue aiding the government in promoting democracy, peace, political stability and development in Cambodia.

Ngou Somony, Media Officer from Sihanouk province who attended the photojournalism training in Phnom Pen is has been working as a Media Officer with the Agent Khmer Press (AKP) based in Sihanouk province for over 20 years. He stated: “This is the first time I have received formal training on photojournalism. During the five day training, the Ministry of Information provided, I have learned a lot. When I will resume my work I will share all the knowledge I have gained here with my colleagues. I feel sure that this training will improve the quality of my work in the future.”

Meas Kimsuon, Acting Director of the Media Training Center in the Ministry of Information, stated that the Ministry makes a constant effort on training media officers as well al journalist. A total of 26 Cambodian civil officers from ten different ministries and eight provinces were trained on spokesperson skills in July, and other 22 Cambodian police officers, military police and military officers have received training on the same subject in June. To uphold the standard of journalism in Cambodia the Media Training Center will provide more training in the future, he told The Southeast Asia Weekly on August 28.

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