Monday, August 3, 2009

Government Takes Measures to Promote Tourism


Prime Minister Hun Sen said tourism is a main pillar in which helps supports the economic growth in Cambodia. Due to the downfall of the global economy and financial crisis, Cambodian tourism has been falling since the end of 2008 and during the first six months of year 2009.

The Premier said that to retrieve the tourists and promote the tourism sector in Cambodia, the Cambodian government is now working hard to strengthening the peace, political stability, security, social orders, and personal safety of tourists in Cambodia.

“The Royal Government of Cambodia will pay attention to the strengthening of tourism sector in short, medium and long-term periods through the guarantee of peace, political stability, security and social orders in Cambodia,” he said during his closing remarks at the Annual Congress of the Ministry of Tourism on July 30.

To achieve these goals, the government will have a meeting with private partners and other involved development partners in order to monitor the trend and the real situation of tourism sector and take measures to resolve the challenges, he said.

The Premier said the government will continue to publish its tourism markets in region and to the world, reduce visa price or visa procedures which will make easier for tourists, and provide safe transportation for tourists when they arrived and during their stay in Cambodia.

He continued to say that the government will also have incentives for the private sectors, especially tourist companies, to work hard, increase effectively of their competitive capacity, and strengthen their quality of services to promote to tourists in Cambodia.

“I wish to appeal to all private sectors to cooperate with the government and continue their hard work to promote tourism to reach the goal of an increase in cultural tourism and natural tourism in region. I believed that if we are able this, we will able to reduce the global economic crisis and generate jobs for our people in the short future,” he said.

Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, said that to promote tourism in Cambodia, his ministry will continue to market and publish articles about the Cambodian tourism market in region and in word. He said the ministry is preparing for eco-tourism, by generating and developing the based-tourism communities, facilitate passengers’ traveling, and by reducing the price of tourism package.

The Minister continued to say that his ministry will also work to strengthen the governance and the development of the tourist zones in cities and provinces across the country, strengthen the quality of industrial tourism, generate tourist events, and govern the attracted tourist sites.

To make Cambodia be the “Kingdom of Wonder”, the government will organize a competition titled “Clean City, Attractive Places, and Good Services,” for cities and provinces in Cambodia. This competition will take place very year and begin next year, he added.

The Minister said that the cities and provinces that win the competition will receive a medal or award from the Prime Minister Hun Sen.

“I believe that if we can implement all these measures we will able to promote or attract international tourism to visiting Cambodia in future. By this way, we will generate jobs for our people and reduce poverty in Cambodia,” he said.

According to statistic figure of the Ministry of Tourism 2009, there is a total of 2.1 million foreign tourists visited Cambodia in 2008 and for period of six months in 2009, there are over one million international tourists. ///

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