Friday, July 3, 2009

UC Students Present Entertainment and Fashion Show


Over 500 students from The University of Cambodia (UC) attended the “Student’s Entertainment Show” in Phnom Penh on June 21. The UC Student Senate and UC Debate Club, both active and energetic organizations of The University of Cambodia, organized the Show.

The program included singing in both Khmer and English, and a display of traditional Khmer and modern fashions. There were also modern dance performances and an extra special talent show. All of this was produced and presented by students of the University.

UC President Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said that the student show is organized every year as a way to celebrate the University’s anniversary and to have some fun after the end of a hard term’s work.

The event provides opportunities for UC students to learn how to work and manage their social activities, all part of the latent functions of university life, he said, adding that the show marked the 6th Anniversary of the establishment of The University of Cambodia.

“This well thought out program has given the organizers an insight into leadership and responsibility and this has been achieved at the same time as having fun,” he said during opening remarks at the Entertainment Show.

To prepare for their future, the students are necessarily required to perform well academically, but here at The University of Cambodia we provide an environment where valuable lessons in life are learned outside the class as well, he told the students.

Dr. Kao pointed out that successful students must be prepared both physically and mentally to reach their goals. If they lack conviction and fail to pay attention to their studies, they will not succeed.

“I strongly believe that the UC Entertainment and Fashion Show reflects the success of this two-front approach to education. Our students have excelled both in the classroom and in the application of leadership and organization theories to bring us this enjoyable event. I admire and appreciate all your efforts,” he said.

“This event marks the 6th anniversary of the founding of The University of Cambodia. She was opened on 23rd June 2003 and to this date, we have worked tirelessly to improve the pool of human resources available to our country,” he added.

Chheng Sovannka, President of the UC Student Senate, said that the entertainment and fashion show aimed to provide an excellent opportunity for UC students to build confidence and individual talent. She also hoped to create goodwill via promotion of the valuable culture of the nation. The event, she said, was a product of collaboration, tolerance, teamwork and a solid public relations drive. The result was an evening of decent entertainment.

Sovannka said that another objective of the event was to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the founding of The University of Cambodia and to encourage Cambodian youths to contribute to society and promote the identity and cultural values of the nation.

She noted that to encourage UC students to contribute to society, the UC Student Senate and UC Student Debate Club have organized four other important events to date. These included keynote presentations on matters such as “Youth and Civil Society: What can Students Learn from Civil Society Leaders?” Another important and very well attended presentation was on the topic “How to Apply for International Scholarships: Sharing Experience and Success.” The Senate has also been active in the social field with the “Students Reach Out to Children Living at the Dumpsite” initiative. The senate was also responsible for organizing the Khmer New Year Celebrations.

She added that besides these events, the UC Student Senate and UC Students plan to organize an additional five events. There will be a “Workshop on Learning” in July. The Intra-University Debate Competition will see UC teams in action in August. There will be a “Welcome Week” for new students in September and a field trip to Sihanouk Province will take place in November. Finally, there will be a Charity Donation Drive organized for December 2009.

Touch Meng, General Director of Champa Bridal Services whose company sponsored the fashion show said that he was very pleased to see UC students modeling the traditional Khmer clothes created by his company.

Meng said that the fashion show would present students with an insight into the richness and detail of traditional ways of dressing. He hoped to see more people decked out in traditional clothes during important events in the future.

“I am proud to sponsor the fashion show for the students of UC. I think the younger generation should keep their eyes on the past so that the splendors of our culture will not be lost to time. I also look forward to seeing a number of UC students choosing traditional clothing for their weddings. I will certainly be sponsoring future UC events as they provide great entertainment”, he told The Southeast Asia Weekly.

Veng Soklim, a UC student who participated in the event, said that he was thrilled to be asked to help with the show.

“I really enjoyed the evening’s fun and celebrations. I learned a lot about my identity and my culture and I learned these lessons in a most enjoyable way,” he said. ///

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