Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chhuon Sathia Receives Scholarship for Study in Cuba


Chhuon Sathia, 19, has received a scholarship for study in Cuba following a successful year of study under The University of Cambodia’s Samdech Hun Sen–Handa National Scholarship program. Sathia is the older of two brothers in his family, who live in Thmey Village, Rokar Krao commune, Daunkeo district, Takeo province. He was born there in 1990. He is now studying Information Technology (IT) at The University of Cambodia (UC) in Phnom Penh.

Sathia studied at Chea Sim-Takeo High School in Takeo province, earning his Baccalaureate in 2008. He applied to study Information Technology at UC following the introduction of the Samdech Techo Hun Sen “Vision 100”scholarship and Samdech Hun Sen-Handa National Scholarships 2008. He recently passed another scholarship exam that will open the door to six years of study in Cuba.

“I am overjoyed to have passed the Cuban scholarship exam, just as happy as I was in 2008 when I learned I had passed the UC scholarship exams. The chance to study abroad is a great opportunity. However, I must also bid a fond farewell to The University of Cambodia,” he said. He added that he passed the Cuban scholarship exam offered by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS) in June 2009, beating hundreds of other candidates for the scholarship.
“I am going to leave The University of Cambodia for study abroad but I will not forget Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, Dr. Handa, or our Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen for their selfless generosity. They are the owners of the National Scholarships and they offered me the opportunity to study free of charge over one year with UC. To prove my gratitude to them I will work hard and show Cuba how well a protégé of The University of Cambodia can do,” he said.

Sathia stated that he decided to apply to study Stomatology in Cuba because he was confident he could contribute something to the state of Cambodia’s oral health in future, armed with the Cuban qualifications.

To achieve his goal, Sathia said he planed to continue as a postgraduate student, eventually becoming a fully qualified doctor.

“My dream is to be a medical doctor or stomatology expert and apply for work with foreign or international companies or organizations in Cambodia and beyond,” he said. “After several years of work experience, I will establish my own clinic or health business to provide healthcare for people in Cambodia.”

Sathia emphasized that according to the study schedule, he will leave for Cuba at the end of September 2009. He will then stay for at least six years of study in Cuba. He also said he was committed to doing the best he can to make himself worthy of the scholarship and to increase his chances of being accepted for further study.

Turning to his studies with The University of Cambodia, Sathia said that he has just finished the Fastrax English courses with the University’s Center for English Studies (CES). He said that as a result, his English language skills have improved a great deal, certainly to the point where he feels confidence in any given academic situation.

“I suspect that I passed the Cuban scholarship exams in 2009 because of my English studies with The University of Cambodia. They proved to be very helpful in answering the English language section of the paper leastways,” he said.

Sathia’s father, Chhuon La, is an Advocacy Coordinator for Oxfam Australia, an international organization based in Cambodia. He too was delighted to hear of his son’s success.

He said Sathia is a committed person and a hard worker, the evidence of two successful scholarship exams proving the point.
“I was very happy when my son has received the scholarship to study in Cuba as his future has been a consideration with me for several years now. I know that he will do the best he can and I will continue to support him as far as I am able,” he told The Southeast Asia Weekly on July 21.
“I was happy to hear that my son had passed the Samdech Hun Sen-Handa National Scholarship exams in 2008,” he said. “I am equally happy, though just a little more apprehensive now. Cuba is a long way away”
Chhuon La said that since high school, Sathia told him that he wanted to be a good person and help society. He hopes that Sathia will realize his dreams and became a future leader of Cambodia. ///

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