Monday, June 15, 2009

Phath Chinda, UC English Literature Scholarship Student


Phath Chinda, 17, one of the University of Cambodia’s “Samdech Hun Sen-Handa National Scholarships 2008” students, described her learning experience when she provided an interview to The Southeast Asia Weekly. Chinda is the oldest of four sisters and she now lives in Kraing Leav village, Dang Tong district, Kampot province. She was born there on June 24, 1991. Her father is Director of Kraing Leav primary school.

Chinda is now studying English Literature with The University of Cambodia (UC) as well as Accounting at the Vanda Institute of Accounting in Phnom Penh. She passed the scholarship exams offered by UC in Phnom Penh on September 22, 2008.

The English Literature scholar student Chinda pointed out that she heard about the scholarship program via Southeast Asia Radio FM 106.

Chinda continued to say that she decided to study English Literature with UC because she thought that this major would ensure employability in the future.

Chinda earned her Baccalaureate when she graduated from Oudom Vichea High School in Kampot province in 2008. She then moved on to study with UC.

Chinda is now also studying in the first year of her accounting program at the Vanda Institute of Accounting. She decided to study the Accounting major in addition to her language studies, as she wants to work as an accountant or Chief executive officer.

Chinda said that nowadays she is living with her friend who is also a UC student from the same province. She pays US$ 60 per month for her room.

Chinda appealed to Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, President of UC to build student accommodation for provincial students. Speaking with reference to female students in particular, she said it would make the whole task of graduating much easier.

Pho Thea, Chinda’s father and Director of the Kraing Leav Primary School in Dang Tong District, Kampot province, was happy with his daughter’s academic record of accomplishment. He added that Chinda is the oldest daughter and to date the only one studying with UC. He added that his daughter showed early promise, having built a solid reputation for academic excellence in primary school.

“I am very proud as I have a good daughter and I wish her all success in future. I think that her scholarship will encourage her to study harder and to reach her goals. I will try my best to support her if she wants to continue and study a Master’s or Doctorate in future,” he told The Southeast Asia Weekly on June 1. ///

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