Friday, June 12, 2009

Malaysian Healthcare Seminar and Exhibition in Cambodia


The Malaysia Healthcare Seminar and Exhibition 2009 has taken place over two days from the 5th to the 6th June 2009 at the Naga World Hotel in Phnom Penh. The healthcare seminar and exhibition was organized by The Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board-Cambodia in cooperation with MATRAD, the Malaysian Ministry of Health, and the Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia. Additional support was provided by the Cambodia Ministry of Health.

Ramzi Abu Yazid, Director of the Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board, said that the main objective of the Malaysia Healthcare Exhibition was to promote healthcare efficiency and illustrate medical advances. It also highlighted Malaysian tourism services as well as medical products, facilities and private hospitals in Malaysia.

Ramzi Abu Yazid said that over 30 Malaysian medical doctors and health experts from five well-known Malaysian hospitals also attended the healthcare event. The five hospitals included Mahkota Hospital, KPJ Hospital, Prince Court Hospital, Tropicana Hospital and DNA Hospital.

He added that during the two-day workshop and exhibition at the Naga Hotel, the Malaysian medical experts will provide free medical checks for all Cambodian visitors with Malaysian doctors.

Jacob Thomas, President of the Association of Private Hospital Malaysia, said that the healthcare event will provide choice for Cambodians. He said the quality and efficiency of medical facilities and treatment in Malaysia makes good value for money, especially compared to Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

He added that the medical treatment costs are half of those compared to other countries in the region, a fact that should appeal to the cost conscious Cambodian.

“We note that with progress and development, many Cambodians are able to afford health checks or treatment abroad. We wish to inform you that treatment in Malaysia is the best choice as it offers quality at a reasonable price. Our areas of concentration include heart disease, blood disorders, stomach and intestinal caner amongst others,” he said.

Dr. Thir Kruy, Under Secretary of State at Cambodia’s Ministry of Health, welcomed the Malaysia Healthcare Seminar. He said the health event will help his ministry in advancing cooperation between Cambodian Health authorities and the Malaysian Ministry of Health. He also looked forward to improvements in the quality of medical facilities and treatment in Cambodia.

Keo Sokha, 54, a businessman of Phnom Penh, said last year, his wife was diagnosed with heart disease and he sent her for the treatment in a private hospital in Vietnam. He said that he paid about US$ 1,500 for the treatment.
“I think that although medical treatment in Malaysia is cheaper and of better quality, I prefer to go to Vietnam because it is easier and closer to my country. I can go there by car,” Sokha said. He also said that as his wife is still here, the Vietnamese doctors must have done something right.

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