Sunday, May 10, 2009

Heng Lyhorth On Course To Become IT Programmer


One of The University of Cambodia’s “Samdech Hun Sen-Handa National Scholarship 2007” students, Heng Lyhorth, 22, has provided an interview to The Cambodia Weekly on May 4. Mr. Heng Lyhorth was born in Saang district, Kandal Province on November 6, 1986. He comes from a sizeable family with three brothers and two sisters and he is the youngest in the family.

He now studies Information Technology (IT) at UC, having passed the university’s scholarship exams in 2007.

“I was overjoyed to pass the scholarship exams offered by the University of Cambodia,” he told The Cambodia Weekly. “If I did not pass the exam, I would probably not be able to study at UC because my parents cannot afford to send us all for further study at university level.”

Lyhorth said his brothers and sisters had graduated from high school in Saang district, but to date, he is the only member of the family to blaze a trail towards academic success and the increase in wages this brings. Lyhorth is well aware of his luck in being able to study for a fully accredited university qualification at the nation’s most outstanding university.

Lyhorth’s ambition and drive lead him naturally to the gates of UC. Not content with his 2007 Baccalaureate awarded by the Saang High School, he was overjoyed to hear about the “Samdech Hun Sen-Handa National Scholarships 2007”. He leapt the final hurdle of the entrance exam and then took his first steps on the road towards becoming an IT specialist.

“I had decided to apply for study with the Information Technology team at UC because the program they offer combines credibility and flexibility. An additional bonus for me is the fact that the language of tuition is English. This will prove to be a great advantage, given the international scope of IT. I want to be in the forefront of computer development and I want to be responsible for bringing these developments to Cambodia,” he said. “The University of Cambodia will provide me with all the skills, qualifications and experience necessary to turn my dream into a reality.”

Lyhorth stated that he feels his dream is in safe hands and that he admires the university’s instructors for their level of competence. Perhaps more importantly, he spoke of his instructors’ ability to motivate students through the careful selection of relevant and interesting course material. He noted that life in the lecture theatres of UC was academically challenging, but it was a challenge well worth rising to.

In the short term following graduation, Lyhorth looks forward to finding work in the IT field with private IT companies or NGOs. His contribution here will help his family find firm financial footing. Once he has achieved this laudable goal, he says he intends to return to UC and secure a postgraduate qualification in Information technology.

Pich Bunna, 23, a second-year law student at another university in Phnom Penh, and friend, spoke of Lyhorth’s ambition to succeed. He has known Lyhorth since 2006 and their time together at Saang High School.

He said that Lyhorth was an effective learner equipped with a fine work ethic. He also said that at school, Lyhorth was known for his friendly attitude, his willingness to help others and his honesty. Apart from this, he noted that Lyhorth was always placed within the ranks of the school’s top ten students.

“I think that I am very lucky to have a good friend like Lyhorth. I hope that he will realize his dreams and became a future IT; he will certainly be the sort of expert willing to share his knowledge with everybody for the benefit of the nation,” he said during a telephone interview with The Cambodia Weekly on May 4. ////

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