Sunday, April 12, 2009

Young Cambodian Artists Exhibit Creations in Phnom Penh


Eight students from Phare Ponleu Selpak, a local non-governmental organization based in Battambang province, revealed their “Sarong and Krama” exhibition for their first time in Phnom Penh on April 9.

The “Sarong and Krama” exhibition was organized by French Cultural Center (CCF) and took place at the CCF in Phnom Penh. The entry is free of charge for all Cambodian people and internationals.

Alain Arnaudet, CCF Director, said the main purpose of the event was to provide young Cambodian artists the opportunity to create works of art and show off their abilities in designing and painting the traditional pictures or activities. The event also aimed to promote and preserve Cambodian traditions and culture for future generations.

“I am very appreciative and proud of the young Cambodian artists from the Phare Ponleu Selpak who have painted and integrated the collages of sarong and krama in their works at the CCF. I noted that all paintings have very good designs and are attractive to visitors,” he said.

Bo Rithy, 20, one of the exhibition’s artists, said that he was happy to take part in the event at CCF.

“I hope that through these activities, they will continue their painting in future and in this way, it will also help promote the artistic works and preserve the traditions and cultures in Cambodian,” he said.

Rithy said he has a total of 11 images on display at the exhibition. All of his paintings are integrate sarong and karma, which show about the parity between the sexes and the love and sexuality in Cambodia.

“I am very pleased to organize the exhibition in Phnom Penh. It is the second time I have organized it,” he said.

The paintings show the public the parity between the sexes, male and female, and serve as a metaphor for love and sexuality in Cambodia.

Sin Rithy, 19, another artist who took part in the exhibition, displayed 10 works of art. He said his images described about Cambodians daily activities. He had spent one month creating the works.

“I hope that my images will attract more visitors, especially the young people in Cambodia,” he said. “I will continue my hard work and attend the other events in the near future to promote artistic works.”

Vong Vibol, an official from Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts (MoCFA), who attended event, said he appreciated the young artists. He said the eight artists’ works and CCF’s activities helped MoCFA to promote and preserve the artistic works – both traditional and contemporary arts and culture in Cambodia.

“I think that this event is very important for Cambodian people so that they can discover about their culture and reflect on real things happening in different places in Cambodia,” he said. “It is also encourages young Cambodian artists to carry out their works more professionally and better in the future and conserve the artistic works and Khmer culture for the next generation.” /////

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