Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vietnamese Goods Fair Hosted in Phnom Penh


Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce provided support for a five-day Vietnamese exhibition of 170 companies with 330 booths on April 1-5 in Phnom Penh.

The “Trade Fair of High Quality Vietnamese Goods 2009” was organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, the Vietnamese Embassy and the Vietnamese Commerce Affairs for the Kingdom of Cambodia. It featured household appliances, food, garments, textiles and leather, arts and handcrafts, chemicals, cosmetics, construction materials, stationery and cultural products, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural products.

Mao Thora, Secretary of State for Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce, said this is the eighth exhibition in Phnom Penh organized in collaboration between the two countries.

He said through successful Vietnamese trade fairs in Cambodia, especially the past High Quality Vietnamese Goods Fairs, the Cambodia-Vietnam trade relations have made remarkably progress. The total trade figures as recorded by the customs and exercise authorities of the both countries have increased steadily year by year.

The total trade figures in 2006 amounted to about US$935 million and in 2007, the number increased to more than US$1.19 billion an increase of 27.5 percent. In 2008, the total export-import figures of the two countries reached around US$1.64 billion, an increase of 37.4 percent if compared to 2007, in which the imports from Vietnam into Cambodia were worth US$1.43 billion and the export from Cambodia to Vietnam were worth about US$210 million, according to Thora.

“Both countries have goodwill and the same goal to highlight and develop the field of trade more widely, especially the bilateral cooperation in the region,” Thora said during his opening remarks at the Inauguration of the Trade Fair of High Quality Vietnamese Goods 2009 on April 1.

Thora emphasized that the total increase of the trade figures in 2008 amounted to nearly US$500 million is a proud result of the two countries, obtained from good cooperation and joint efforts under the leadership both countries in promoting bilateral trade cooperation. The goal for 2010 is to achieve a total trade figure of US$ 2 billion.

“I believe that this trade fair will further broaden and strengthen the Cambodia-Vietnam bilateral economic and trade cooperation. We hope following the completion of this trade event, the Vietnamese traders will be able to establish partnerships with the Cambodian traders to improve their businesses and it will also serve as a part to further promote the bilateral trade relations for the mutual benefit of the two countries,” he said.

Thora said to promote the bilateral trade and cooperation between the two countries in future, Cambodia and Vietnam recently held a second meeting in Phnom Penh on trade cooperation development along the Cambodia-Vietnam border under the guidance of the two countries’ trade ministers. He added that the meeting dealt with mutual interests relating to trade development.

“I would like to appeal for all traders in the two countries to jointly cooperate and seek to understand and seize these golden opportunities for their own businesses,” he said.

Nguyen Thanh Bien, Vice Minister of the Commerce and Industry of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, said that Cambodia and Vietnam signed an agreement on economic and commercial relations in 1994, and since then, the two countries’ bonds of friendships and relations have improved.

Thanh Bien said the trade fairs will become a bridge to connect, encourage and improve trade and investment between the two countries in the future. He added they agreed that from January 2008 till 2010, the two-way trades of Cambodia and Vietnam would amount US$ 2.3 billion.

“I strongly believe that these trade fairs will help to promote solidarity, friendship and bilateral trade cooperation between the two countries in future,” he said. ////

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