Sunday, April 12, 2009

Top Ten of the Motocross Champion


Vong Khan Pove, 35, one of the top 10 motocross riders who competed in the “Total International Motocross Championship” in Cambodia on March 7, 2009.

Born in Kampong Cham province, he became a Motocross Champion in 2006 after receiving motorcycle training from his friend, Pierre Yves Catry, a motocross expert from France.

“I started training in motorcycle driving with Mr. Pierre Yves Catry in 1995 and I attended the International Motocross Championship Competitions in Cambodia in 1997,” he said.

Since he started training for the motorcycle driving in 1995, he has participated in all International Motocross Championships organized by the Mild Seven Company and Total Cambodge, which take place every year in Cambodia.

“I decided to train in motorcycle driving in Phnom Penh because I want to improve my motocross riding abilities,” Khan Pove said. “I also wanted to improve my driving skills and stay in good health.”

Khan Pove first participated in international motocross competitions in Phnom Penh in 1997. Since 2006, he left Total Cambodge competitions with a medal in the Novice Class.

He said last month he participated in the “Total International Motocross Championship 2009” along with other 50 famous motorcyclists from eight countries – Cambodia, Canada, France, Indonesia, Iceland, the Philippines, New Zealand, and Thailand. The competition took place at the Prek Leap racetrack on the National Road Number 6A on the outskirt of Phnom Penh.

Khan Pove won the second place in the competition.

“I am happy with this honor because I have become to an International Motocross Champion in Cambodia,” he said. “I will continue to train hard and will be driving to promote motocross riding in Cambodia into the next generation until I am retired.”

Khan Pove said besides his motocross training, he has recently conducted training for 20 young Cambodia and international motorcyclists at his personal racetrack in Prek Leap commune in the outskirts of Phnom Penh.

The training is free of charge and takes place every Saturday and Sunday, Khan Pove said. Also to encourage the sports of the motocross and football in Cambodia, he created the “Flying Bikes Shop” and the “Flying Bikes Shop’s Football Team.”

He established Flying Bikes Shop in 1996 in Phnom Penh, aiming to sell the motocross, clothes, motocross gear to cyclists. He sells mainly off-road and road bikes imported from Japan and the United States of America.

He said the shop’s football team was established in 2005 and now there 22 players. It is one of the top ten football clubs in Cambodia.

Yim Vibol, Marketing and Communication Manager of the Total Cambodge, said he appreciates Khan Pove’s dedication to motocross. He said that Vong Khan Pove and his older brother, Vong Ching Chove, actively promote motocross in Cambodia.

“I hope that they will continue their hard works in promoting the sport in Cambodia, and participate in Total’s motocross competitions in the future,” Vibol said.

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