Monday, April 27, 2009

Government Drafts Master Plan for Land Management


The Royal Government of Cambodia plans to draft a master plan for land management of all cities and provinces provide opportunities for local and foreign investors, announced Im Chhun Lim, Senior Minister in the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction (MLMUPC).

Chhun Lim said the government is committed to promoting local and foreign investments and generating jobs and will set up a master plan for general land management in order to control land, forestry areas, seas and islands throughout the country’s 24 provinces and in major cities.

Chhun Lim said MLMUPC, in collaboration the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests, development partners and local authorities, has been working to measure and calculate land topography within the administrative geography.

“Land management is very important for the Royal Government of Cambodia in promoting and developing investment, business opportunities and progress in Cambodia,” Chhun Lim said during his opening remarks of the 2008-2009 Annual Congress, held April 23 in Phnom Penh.

He said the government will make an effort to provide more efficient public services and encourage national centralization and decentralization in coordinating business activities of local and international investors, opening the base of economic growth by focusing on the agricultural sector, land sector and industrial sector.

“To reach these tasks, the Cambodian government will continue to maintain peace, political stability, security, and social and public order for all the people who live in cities and the countryside to encourage peaceful living and social development,” Chhun Lim said.

The Minister said that for 2009, MLMUPC will produce a “White Book” that describes about the land, cadastres, land data, land maps, and the topography on the land within the administrative geography of provinces and cities in Cambodia. He said that his ministry will also prepare a sub-decree for the governance of foreign companies or investors who wish to buy houses or land.

He said when this sub-decree is issued at the end of this year, foreigners will be allowed to buy the second floor of houses in Cambodia. He added MLMUPC will study and prepare the master plan to manage land for construction, the use of land, and integration of gender into the land and construction sectors and industrialized zones in Phnom Penh and outlying provinces.

“I would like to call on all concerned ministries and authorities to cooperate and provide their land management data for their own ministries’ master plans to achieve the plan above,” Chhun Lim said. “The government strongly hopes that with this action and hard work, it will help to promote foreign investment and business opportunities in Cambodia. At the same time, it can provide more jobs for Cambodian people and reduce poverty in Cambodia.”

According to a report which was released at the annual congress by the Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning and Construction, there are 214 communes and sangkats in 14 cities and provinces registered as part of the systematic registration; 590,238 people registered as the package registration; 27 land concession companies with 13,978 hectares of land registered; 157 private companies with 2,156 construction projects and 10,339,642 m2 worth US$3.19 million registered; 737 private companies including 589 local companies and 148 foreign companies licensed and registered with the Ministry in 2008. ////

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