Monday, March 30, 2009

Lao Seiha Tells About his Future Dream


Lao Seiha, 20, one of The University of Cambodia’s (UC) “Samdech Hun Sen – Handa National Scholarships 2008”students, was born in Kampong Cham Province and has been studying Information Technology (IT) at the University. He also has been studying for a Physics and Chemistry Specialization at the Phnom Penh Regional Pedagogical Center (PPRPC) in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in Phnom Penh as well as English and computer skills at private school in Phnom Penh.

Seiha passed the scholarship exams offered by UC and he later passed the scholarship exams at the Phnom Penh Regional Pedagogical Center in 2008.

“I was happy after I passed both scholarship exams,” he said. “I am lucky to pass the scholarship exams in the same academic year and to study at the UC and PPRPC.”

Seiha remembered his learning experience at the Chea Sim Samaky High School in Phnom Penh, where he received a Baccalaureate in 2008. He applied to study IT at UC following the introduction of the “Samdech Hun Sen – Handa National Scholarships” in 2008.

“Nowadays, even though I am very busy with my schoolwork, but I am really appreciative of my studies,” he said. “I will try to study hard to complete my degrees at UC and PPRPC.”

He decided to apply at UC after his friends recommended that the university was the right place to attain a good education. The instructors would help him to become an IT expert in the future as the UC’s up-to-date curricula are modeled on the credit system of the United States.

“I decided to study IT at UC because I wanted to speak English well and become an IT expert in Cambodia,” Seiha said. “I prefer to study at this university because it has qualified professors, excellent teaching and the most updated curricula.”

He now studies hard, reads books related to his studies every day and performs research on the Internet and in foreign newspapers and magazines in order to achieve his goals.

“I will try to study hard to get my Bachelor’s degree, and I will then apply to work with a private company or a national or international non-governmental organization in order to make money to support my family,” he said.

Seiha said that he plans to continue for a Master’s and Doctoral degree with UC in the future.

“My dream is to be an IT expert in Cambodia. If I am able to be a leader or IT expert in the future, I will establish my own small business and produce cartoon films to sell throughout the country,” he said.

Taing Sim, 55, Seiha’s mother, is very happy with her son’s efforts. She said that she had seven children and Seiha was the fifth son in the family. He said Seiha is the only son to study at UC.

She said Seiha was able to pass the scholarship exams because of his hard work.

She pointed out that when her son was in primary and high school, he studied very hard every day and as a result, he received many letters of recommendation as well as glowing reports from his instructors and school masters on a monthly and yearly basis.

“I am proud with Lao Seiha’s actions, and I hope that he will realize his dreams and become a future IT expert in Cambodia. I wish him all the best of luck and success in future,” she said.

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